Help with ideas for school...

babytears, May 12, 7:32am
the school are going to start with the pie warmer at school next week and I'm interested in your ideas for the kids lunches -so far I can think of mini pizza's and sausage rolls/savouries... any other ideas? ? ?

greerg, May 12, 7:38am
For a lower fat option - toasted sandwiches, toastie pies or stuffed potatoes with a variety of fillings. Single servings of macaroni cheese or pasta bake.

tania007, May 12, 8:04am
stuffed sausages, pies, quiche, homemade mini pies, or filled breadcases, american hotdogs wrapt in tin foil, those chicken kievs, topper lasagnes, homemade bacon and egg pie, leftovers wrapt in foil etc, cheerios, chicken pieces that have been precooked, chicken nuggets...

babytears, Apr 24, 11:49am
Awesome... thank you both!