Thank you biscuits

justme27, Feb 5, 7:18am
Bumping to keep the Instant pud biscuits recipe handy. yummy

aisling8, Feb 5, 10:00am
My kids and now my grandkids love the instant pud biscuits. They make soooo many. Also the ones made with orange jelly. I think they were called jelly crisps. (Edmonds Cook Book)

kiwigoldie, Feb 6, 7:01am
Instant pudd biscuit
Butterscotch - chunk in a small handful of white choc chips. Yummo
Chocolate with choc chips or drops.
Coconut one is nice
Vanilla with a small handful finely chopped dried apricots
Chocolate with a handful do raw peanuts added.
Vanilla with handful raisins or sultanas. can also roll these in cornflakes for something different.

daarhn, Feb 6, 7:24am
My go to for the neighbours, friends dropping in, when invited for morning or arvo teas, etc is palmiers. priests or elephant ears. Most easiest quickest cheapest pastry biscuit to make.

Buy pack cheapest puff pastry sheets. Under 5 bucks for about 6 sheets. Defrost sheets. In a bowl mix white suger and cinnamon. Sprinkle sugar mix on kitchen bench lay pastry sheet on top. Sprinkle more sugar mix all over. Press roll pastry sheet with rolling pin until a little thinner. Roll one end tightly towards middle pastry sheet. Spin round roll other side towards middle until both sides meet looks like a roll. Slice into rounds. Lay these rounds on tray lned with baking paper. Leave little space between them. Sprinkle more sugarmix over each piece. In the oven flip over when almost cooked to brown other side. remove cool on racks. These golden treasures are to die for. You can churn out batches of them in minutes when you routine going. Easy as and folk devour them.

motorbo, Mar 31, 2:08am
so I want to make a large batch of biccies to thank some people, and thought maybe Anzac would be the cheapest, tastiest, easiest option. anyone got a tried and true recipe? or another recipe idea? im thinking I would like to make 2-3 dozen

245sam, Mar 31, 2:25am
motorbo, how about Instant Pudding Biscuits? They're really easy to make and you can choose the flavour according to whatever instant pud you have or can find at the supermarket. If you want to, you could add any extras of your choice e.g. chocolate chips, sultanas.
Here's the recipe that I've always found to be very successful.

170g butter
¾ cup sugar
1 egg
1 x approximately 84g packet Instant Pudding Mix -flavour of choice
1½ cups flour
3 tbsp cornflour
1 tsp baking powder

Cream the butter and sugar. Add the egg, then the Instant Pudding Mix.
Sift the remaining ingredients together, then add them and mix well. Roll the mixture into balls and place them on a greased tray, then flatten each slightly.
Bake at 180°C for approximately 10-15 minutes.

Hope that helps - a batch of biscuits will be a lovely way to say "thank you". :-))

sarahb5, Mar 31, 2:35am
I made some recently for a friend who is lactose intolerant and they were delicious as well as easy - oaty fruit cookies - like fruity anzacs from Healthy Food Guide

fifie, Mar 31, 2:52am
Bulk Biccys, make whatever flavour you like.
Heat oven to 180 degrees C. Beat 500g margarine with 1 cup of sugar until pale and creamy. Add a tin of condensed milk and 5 cups of self raising flour (or plain flour with 5 tsp baking powder). Mix all together.
Roll mixture into teaspoon sized balls and place on a greased baking tray and flatten with a fork. Cook for 10-15 minutes until golden. This makes 120-150 biscuits depending on size. You can add any ingredients you have in your store cupboard. A Nescafe caramel latte sachet makes a good flavouring. Crushed up leftover Easter eggs, mixed spice or cinnamon, orange zest and a little juice, hot chocolate powder, sprinkles on top, sultanas - the possibilities are endless. from pac n sav.

motorbo, Mar 31, 2:53am
thanks sam, but im kinda not into instant pudding, but appreciate the thought very much - sarah - thank you they sound good, I wanted an Anzac style someone else had made as ive found some recipes differ a lot. so wanted tried and true

motorbo, Mar 31, 2:55am
im guessing I could swap 1/2 cup of oil for 1/2 cup of melted butter? i know im fussy i don't like margarine or canola oil

lol sorry

52many, Mar 31, 4:10am
I use the recipe fifie uses. I add sultanas, coco chips/bits, peanuts, mini m&ms, custard powder & cocoa. They are awesome and I just roll up & freeze the dough if I don't want too many!

mooshiesmum, Mar 31, 4:35am
I have two recipes I like - you can make huge batches, and freeze any dough you do not use for another day - in fact in the past I have gifted friends frozen cookie dough so they can make fresh cookies when they are up to it.

I am intrigued by the instant pudding ones - will have to give that a try! Any flavour better than another?

sarahb5, Mar 31, 4:54am
I don't use canola either so would've made them with rice bran oil. The good thing was they kept fresh for ages as well as being reasonably healthy so you can eat them guilt free-ish!

sarahb5, Mar 31, 4:55am
The instant pudding ones were good with butterscotch flavour - my kids' favourite - haven't made them for years

winnie231, Mar 31, 5:51am
Motorbo - this is the recipe for ANZAC biscuits I have made for years . easy as and tasty too!

245sam, Mar 31, 5:51am
I agree re the butterscotch flavoured Instant Pud Biscuits but I too haven't made any for a long time and when I did make them on a fairly regular basis I think the only flavour instant pud I didn't ever use was chocolate - really I guess because I had, and still do have, lots of other chocolate biscuit recipes so using a packeted flavouring for chocolate biscuits just didn't happen but I do recall using fruit flavours such as raspberry, lemon, lime and the coconut flavoured instant pud mix. I don't think all those flavours are available now but they were all nice for an easily made, not too sweet biscuit. :-))

motorbo, Mar 31, 5:54am
what a brilliant idea, cookie dough as a gift! for this case I cannot do it that way but thanks for the recipes

cheers winne :)

ritebuy, Mar 31, 11:31pm
butterscotch every time

mooshiesmum, Apr 1, 12:05am
Will be trying butterscotch next shopping day!

Thanks :-)

motorbo, Apr 16, 6:45am
the thank you Anzac biscuits went down well i think, and im back again next week so i want to thank them all again, i was thinking cake this time, i really love a lumberjack cake and i found my old Ray McVinnie cookbook with his pound cakes in it, so im thinking. tell me cooks here whats your fave cake ?

firemansgirl, Apr 16, 7:21am
Definite favourite is Hummingbird cake. Goes down really well at work.

motorbo, Apr 16, 7:40am
wow that looks yum. thanks I might get fancy!

motorbo, Apr 16, 9:41pm
bugga just realised. I need to transport and leave the item/s there so it needs to be biscuits

rainrain1, Mar 25, 9:49am
500gr butter
1 tin cond milk
3 teasp BP
2 cups sugar
4 cups flour
2 cups choc chips, or split mixture and add coconut or sultanas etc.
Cream butter and sugar, add cond milk and beat again. Add sifted dry ingred. Roll into balls and flatten on tray. makes 4 trays

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