Fruit and nut/apricot loaf tried and true recipes

infinityjrc, May 7, 9:13am
Hi would also love some nice loaf recipes for winter, also an apricot loaf also if you have one.

245sam, May 7, 10:45pm
infinityjrc, for a date or date and nut or date, sulltana (with or without nuts) loaf I personally recommend the second recipe at:- asp
x? id=5921

Edited to add... . .
and on the following link you'll find another loaf recipe that makes a very nice, but VERY moist Apple and Date Loaf or by using dried apricots instead of the dates it can be an Apple and Apricot Loaf:_ aspx? r

infinityjrc, May 8, 1:11am
Thanks 245Sam these both look lovely adapatable recipes I willl try this tomorrow my thanks for your time.

rj5, Apr 12, 2:04pm
try my lovely, pumpkin, carrot and sultana loaf, very moist