Anzac Biscuits or other things for Anzac Day

anne1955, Apr 9, 5:35am
Anzac Biscuits or is there anything else that represents that day I can make for a stall fundraiser for our hall? Was trying to think of things to make into poppy shapes that are eatable? Or maybe icing cakes that wit poppy icing. Ideas please and any pictures would be great. Thanks.

mooshiesmum, Apr 9, 6:32am
What a great idea coming up with other recipes - I will put my thinking cap on - this is my Anzac cookie recipe I always use.

valentino, Apr 9, 7:09am
I can imagine doing some nice shortbread biscuits but with the Anzac twist like petals can be shaped as such and coloured red prior to being baked, likewise with the centre piece (though black) and the stem, hmmm

The thing is the size, can be any size.

Even an imprint of the 100 year medallion shortbread biscuits.

Gingerbread men as soldiers, hmmmm, not quite.

Thinking anyway.

Cheers and all the best.

spot20, Apr 9, 7:59pm
Shortbread shapes. horses, soldiers hats , poppies. ummmm hmmm

valentino, Apr 9, 10:20pm
That middle part of the poppy could be a melted choc button, like when the shortbread main part is nearly baked to place a choc button onto each cookie and finish off the baking cycle and should have sufficient time for choc to heat through as is in its place, it should work great and kept simple.

kirmag, Apr 9, 11:40pm

l*****1, Oct 14, 8:57am
I make a slice similar to this one: Will try to find the other one too.

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