Chia seeds

Chef_cloudberry, May 16, 10:00 pm
I am standing here eyeing a packet of chia seeds wondering what to do with them. (I have to out myself as an Old Fart who learned to cook at my mother's knee in the Fifties). I am looking for quick and easy breakfast alternatives and someone suggested chia pudding. I have consulted Dr Google and been a bit put off by photos showing chia pudding looking uncomfortably like frogspawn:

Who makes this? Is it edible? Should I overcome my fear of slimy food and give it a go?

Chef_gilligee, May 16, 10:06 pm
I add a teaspoon full to my home made muesli each morning.

Chef_lilyfield, May 16, 10:45 pm
I put 2 tablespoon into my bread making.
Also some into porridge or other cereal.

Eat it by the spoon full( soaked)
Add to all kinds of salads

Chef_stompy, May 16, 11:24 pm
The are lovely this way, put a tablespoon in a tin of coconut cream, mm simply devine, Soak overnight can add a few drops of natural vanilla essence and very healthy on both accounts

Chef_cloudberry, May 17, 12:55 am
Stompy, thanks for this idea. I will do this and try some with fruit or berries.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, May 17, 1:55 am
I await your experiences Cloudberry. I've yet to give them a whirl.

Chef_wildflower, May 17, 2:50 am
I haven't bought any yet to try but you can use it to make jam apparently instead of sugar because they absorb 10 times their weight in liquid. I want to get some for my protein shakes.

Chef_nauru, May 17, 7:09 am
I put them in my LSA mix, grind them up with the linseeds. Also added to my homemade muesli. Mixed with water to make a gel, kept in a jar in the fridge and then added to yoghurt and fruit or my porridge. I put them in my bread, scones and muffins too.

Chef_awoftam, May 17, 7:35 am
Sugar is a preservative, so not sure how your jam will go for more than a few days?

Chef_sarahb5, May 17, 7:55 am
I use them in my porridge - 2 tablespoons a day - or in yoghurt with fruit but I particularly like them made into banana pancakes. They are a very good source of slow release energy - can add them to anything really

Chef_cloudberry, May 18, 12:45 am
Ok, reporting back on my first chia experience. I left black chia seeds in coconut milk overnight, with a little vanilla and cinnamon. This morning I inspected it and yup, frogspawn. I lightened the texture with a little Greek yogurt and cream and topped it with blueberries and a sprinkle of coconut sugar. All in all an ok breakfast, healthy(ish) but by no means calorie light (which doesn't bother me.) A satisfactory experiment, I will do it again.

Edited to correct spelling error. Heaven forbid.

Chef_sarahb5, May 18, 12:47 am
I'd have added muesli or oats instead of yoghurt or cream then you don't notice the texture of the chia seeds. Also I buy white seeds just because they look nicer - the texture is different but certainly not as bad as tapioca!

Chef_wildflower, May 18, 2:17 am
Just checked recipe and it has equal amounts of chia seeds and honey so honey is your sugar anyway and it mentions to refrigerate.

Chef_scux, May 18, 2:20 am
I soak oats, chia seeds and buckwheat in coconut water and a spoonful of protein powder, overnight. I make enough to last the whole week, cover and keep in the fridge. Each day I take a couple of spoonfuls of the mixture and add stewed fruit, blueberries and most importantly, chopped up half a banana as a substitute for milk or cream. Stir in sliced almonds and coconut thread. This breakfast is low gi and you won't be reaching for the muffin with morning tea.

Chef_fishplants, Jul 26, 6:55 pm

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