Question. having trouble finding Israeli Couscous

karlymouse, Feb 20, 7:43am
and in the event I can't find it, what is the best substitute. wondered
about Risone ? anyone have a good suggestion, Feb 20, 8:03am
try new world bulk binns

karlymouse, Feb 20, 8:44am
Thanks trying New World tomorrow.

patches151, Feb 20, 11:15pm
I find it in the gourmet section of New World and Pak'nSave

karlymouse, Feb 20, 11:52pm
Thanks I just found it at New World - their international section is sensational. wish I had wads of money to spend on some of the amazing stuff there.

samanya, Feb 21, 4:09am
Countdown has it as well. I had to hunt for it last time, but found it in/near the pasta section.

tarawera99, Feb 8, 4:56pm
Tradeaid has lovely wholemeal Israeli couscous

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