do you leave the meat thermometer in the meat

aw217, May 7, 2:41am
while it is cooking or do you put it in just to test the internal temperature as you go?
I have a proper metal meat thermometer, just dont know how to use it!

harrislucinda, May 7, 2:50am
bestifyoujusttestasyou gowouldnotlike toleaveinwhilecookingyou saidmetalitwouldgetveryhotandnotgiveatruereadying

geldof, May 7, 2:55am
Have just started using a meat thermometer myself, don, t know why i didn't years ago. takes all the guess work away, especially on the bigger pieces of meat. Put the thermometer into the meat before it goes into the oven, that is leave it in. Place it so the end is in the middlish of the meat and not too close to, or touching bone. i also learnt the hard way to place it so that i didn't have to take the pan out of the oven every time i wanted to check the temp. another lesson learnt was to use a dry cloth to remove the thermometer, not hands or a thin wet cloth! ! ! !

geldof, May 7, 3:02am
Proper meat thermometers are made to withstand the heat. the whole point being that the thermometer measures the temperature in the middle of the meat, therefore confirming it is cooked when it reaches the correct temp. whewwdidn't mean to rant or sound like a know it all, but these are all the queries i had too!

cookessentials, May 7, 3:27am
Is it an ovenproof thermometer? If so, you insert at the beginning of the cooking time and leave in the meat.

cookessentials, May 7, 3:28am
If it is an instant read, you insert it into the meat ( about 2 inches) get the temp and then remove and return meat to the oven.

aw217, May 7, 3:35am
thanks , it has a dial soI guess is not an instant read (a digital one may be instant)
I will leave it in from the beginning, thanks to you all!

brianmac, May 7, 4:11am
what brand is it?

aw217, May 7, 4:26am
"typhoon" from living and giving. Maybe I will google it and see if it says . I should of kept the packaging!

elliehen, Apr 8, 12:40pm
In the US I used to buy turkeys which had a 'built-in' thermometer with a pop-out end that popped out when the turkey was perfectly cooked. Made great sense to me...

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