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scannell2, Aug 10, 3:03am
Hello I am attempting to make an elsa cake in a few weeks and wondered what the best fondant is to use? Also where to buy it? I once brought some from pak n save but dear me I could hardly roll it out and then it all cracked! Thanks in advance

245sam, Aug 10, 3:28am
scannell2, I am not a 'cake icer' however I'm wondering what brand you have previously used? My understanding is that the best readily available fondant option is Bakel's Pettinice which I believe can be found in most supermarkets and I have also seen it in Bin Inn, and I note that as well as white it also comes in a range of colours. Have a look at:- and

Hope that helps. :-))

cat286, Aug 11, 8:00am
Knead well first and use a small amount of cornflour (not icing sugar) to stop it sticking when you roll.

sarahb5, Aug 12, 7:19am
And make sure it's room temperature before you start and that your hands are warm but dry.

katalin2, Aug 12, 10:46am
If you want coloured fondant St Martin's New World sells an assortment of colours , Bakels pettinice brand. I use finely sprinkled icing sugar when rolling. You can use a brush to spread jam on your cake before covering it with your thinly rolled fondant to make it stick. Good luck! I haven't looked myself, but apparently utube has good instructions on cake decorating techniques.

tebb, Aug 14, 5:13am
marshmallow fondant is awesome, and easy to make and colour and really yum

slimgym, Aug 15, 4:41pm
I suggest you go to the craft show currently in CHCH it has a big cake decorating display there, they have the stuff that spotlight sells I was impressed

korban, Aug 16, 3:05am
I prefer Satin Ice fondant. Spotlight sell it. Use cornflour on bench, to help stop it sticking.

angel21_01, Aug 16, 5:01am
I too prefer Satin Ice. You will find that it really is personal preference. But you really have to need, need, need. I have in the past got hubby to start if off from me if it is too hard. Only use a little cornflour if needed as it will dry the fondant out if you use too much small wrinkles can be removed rubbing a tiny amount of shortening onto it.

waswoods, Dec 28, 4:13pm
I use Bakels Pettinice and if it's really hard stick it in the microwave for a few seconds. I also use icing sugar. And butter icing or ganache on the cake first

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