Making caramel tips please

antoniab, Apr 21, 6:28am
Have made 2 failed batches and if the 3rd fails I wont be trying again (will just have to be a chocolate cheesecake not salted caramel and chocolate).

I wet down the side with water and a pastry brush, dissolved the sugar slowly but when brought it to a boil to change colour it crystalizes :(

twinkley1, Apr 21, 6:34am
Is it easier to just buy a can?

antoniab, Apr 21, 6:39am
I would say it definitely is but I wanted to give it a go and cant be bothered going out for a can now. I have made it before and it worked, but it's just not happening tonight

valentino, Apr 21, 7:25am
Do not stir once it starts boiling and to reduce heat but enough to simmer until done.

Castor sugar also is better to use, easier and quicker.

antoniab, Sep 25, 12:46am
Third time's a charm! Didn't stir at all this time, just swirled the pot and added 1/4tsp lemon juice at the start which a few recipes suggested :)

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