Wild Pork help!

nadzalive, Apr 23, 1:12am
I've been given a lump of Wild Pork and have no idea what to do with it. I've tried googling but all the recipes seem really convoluted. What is a relatively easy recipe, I have red wine, cloves, thyme, garlic, can I just marinate overnight in all that and then slow cook it tomorrow?

tex-tickle, Apr 23, 1:24am
Yes you can. It's a lot leaner than most meats, so slow cooking is the way to go. Roast it in an oven bag with the marinade for extra softness.
(I'm assuming it's skinned)

popeye333, Apr 23, 1:25am
You can certainly do that Nadzalive. Long and slow for the cooking.

teddy147, Apr 23, 1:25am
I cook it with a layers of sage leaves and sliced apple under it, salt n pepper on top a little olive oil as well, but you could add garlic thyme etc.

kirmag, Apr 23, 1:34am
I use the same as a normal roast pork. So either roast in over or slow cooker. But your marinade would work well too.

nadzalive, Apr 23, 2:28am
Thanks guys! I've got myself an oven bag, I might use an apple and flag the garlic. I think there may even be some sage in the garden I'll chuck in too.

dottyone1, Apr 23, 2:35am
I used to do it in vinigar in the oven before oven bags.

lythande1, Apr 23, 3:02am
Treat as normal pork - but only those recipes you would use for a tough piece.

smallwoods, Apr 23, 11:04am
Keep basting (or turning in the oven bag/slow cooker) as they are lean meat and will dry out.

leebee35, Apr 24, 5:34am
Yes it drys out quicker than standard pork. Its lovely. I have a pulled pork recipe for the crock pot if you need it.

nadzalive, Apr 24, 8:51am
Yeeks! I think I ended up overcooking it. (also didn't read last few posts before cooking which may have helped) The gravy I made was good though. Helped with the dryness and my Husband was very kind about it. I'm not sure it's something I'll try again in a hurry. It's the first pork roast I've ever attempted. My beef roast was far more successful. Living and learning:-) Thanks for all your help.

fishnwally, Sep 15, 8:58am
Yes must cook wild pork slowly, very different from the stuff you buy in the supermarket, I always slow cook wild pork, don't add anything extra to it, just make apple sauce once it cooked to have with it

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