Never used couscous before I found all the recipes

slimgym, Feb 23, 5:16pm
on here and just brought the couscous from Bin Inn. Great recipes guys So brought a packet from the supermarket and it says after adding the couscous to boiling water leave for 5 min, just like the recipes on here, but then it says add butter and return to heat. Have I brought the wrong couscous? and do I just carry on with your recipes, Really don't want to add butter trying to lose weight

kirmag, Feb 23, 6:03pm
Butter helps loosen it up and easier to fluff with a fork. I just add the couscous to a bowl, pour in boiling water (not on any heat source) cover the bowl with lid or a plate and wait 5 mins and then add the butter and fluff with a fork. A tteaspoon is all you need, or you can add a lil oil. Then whatever flavours you want to it. Easy stuff to make

ruby19, Feb 23, 7:10pm
I add couscous to a bowl add a little olive oil, a little stock powder, then add the water, give it a swirl and then cover and sit for approx 5 min, then stir. If adding butter, I would add, then pour the boiling water over it to melt. Swirl then let sit.

eastie3, Feb 24, 5:17am
The heat melts the butter, add it after 5mins, not before.

danjoboys, Feb 24, 5:36am
I have never used butter and never had a problem with the "fluffiness" of it.

awoftam, Feb 24, 6:12am
Na, no need for butter - like a fat it's flavour mostly. Just remember fat isn't a bad thing as part of a balanced diet! Use chicken stock, or water with ginger soaked in it - all works well - the thing with couscous (tiny pasta, in effect so quite high in carbs) is you can do what you like! Just add a ton of fresh chopped herbs, peppers, spring onions, seeded tomatoes and oh la la!

fefeoc, Feb 24, 8:14am
Yep I don't add any fat either. Pour the water over, stir, add salt or stock if I'm using it, cover with a plate for 5 minutes, fluff up with a fork. And eat! Yum :]

whitehead., Feb 24, 10:39pm
soak currents in lemon juice with the pemon peel grated fine and added add to couscus with butter and spring onion yummy goes well with lamb

gilligee, Feb 24, 11:54pm
I go with Jamie Oliver and use cold water.
Don't have to cool the salad down.

kirmag, Feb 25, 1:19am
I don't have it cold. Usually as a hot side dish with roast or chargrilled vege chucked in here.

slimgym, Jan 30, 5:00pm
so you just put equals amounts of water/couscous cold water and its ok, because I am using it for salads so have to wait till it gets cold.

I am going to buy from Bin Inn more courser, the one I brought very small and it just seems to glug

thanks guys for all your help

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