We have some frozen passionfruit

tigra, Jul 11, 9:00am
that we want to convert to jam. Its just the contents of the pf. Do we just heat it up with jam setting sugar? All the recipes we have seen talk about boiling the whole fruit

tippsey, Jul 11, 9:26am
This Chelsea Recipe doesn't appear to use the passionfruit shells. Its the only one I found that doesn't. Good Luck. http://www.chelsea.co.nz/browse-recipes/passionfruit-jam/

lythande1, Jul 11, 6:58pm
I wouldn't, yuk.
Just the pulp.

tigra, Jul 11, 11:49pm
Thanks tippsey.

245sam, Jul 12, 12:08am
tigra, from somewhere I recall reading or hearing that the passionfruit shells/skins were added to whatever was being made at the time (jam? jelly? dessert?. ) for their colour (a pinky colour?) however I don't recall exactly what was being made and I can't recall there being any mention of the shells/skins contributing anything re assisting with setting.

Although the Chelsea recipe is called "Passionfruit Jam" because it has eggs IMO it should be more appropriately named Passionfruit Curd/Honey, so for that reason I suggest that you have a look at-

The recipe on that link is definitely a jam IMO, so I hope that helps. :-))

sampa, Mar 20, 5:10pm
Passion fruit curd is an alternative suggestion that uses the pulp only. Lots of recipes for it online if you're interested. Or loads of ideas here -


But if you're set on making jam good luck and please let us know how it turns out . possibly something others in the same position would benefit from knowing. Sadly we have never succeeded in growing our own passion fruit despite numerous attempts and the price for them in the grocery shops is prohibitive. Whatever happened to every home having a sprawling passion fruit vine out back? Oh, that's it, not many folk have much of an 'out back' these days . least not in Auckland where even space for a conventional washing line has disappeared in many cases. Sad but true.

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