Home made yoghurt

fefeoc, Jan 26, 8:33am
What do you think? Is it worth going back to my trusty esiyo and making my own yoghurt again? I am never sure if it is as yummy as bought yoghurt - I plan to make plain, sweetened, and maybe greek depending on the cost of sachets - or if it works out cheaper. Do any of you still make your own?

clevercloggs, Jan 26, 9:00am
I make my own without easio. It's so simple and my yogurt always comes out beautiful. Just have to make sure I don't leave it in the hot water cupboard for an entire day next time.

issymae, Jan 26, 9:01am
some good new flavours just lately; I have tried summer fruits, forest fruits , mixed berries and bits; might go and do another one now for tomorrow; time to get back to healthy food

pickles7, Jan 26, 9:10am
I just bumped a thread for you.
Buzzy110. Thank you
It has lots on making yoghurt

nauru, Jan 26, 10:00am
I use my easiyo all the time. I'm not too keen on flavoured yoghurt, I prefer the greek yoghurt mix and add fresh fruit or sometimes add raspberries to some cooked rhubarb.

lilyfield, Jan 26, 10:40pm
i use greek yoghurt mix.
but only 3 teesp of it to 120 grams of skim milk powder and 1 litre of water.

leave at least 12 hours. cheapest ever

fefeoc, Jan 27, 12:43am
Thanks heaps for all your suggestions. The buzzy110 thread was very interesting!

fefeoc, Jan 28, 12:03am
Feeling pretty stupid right now. Bought an esiyo sachet - and discovered I 've 'donated' my esiyo maker when I was last having a clearout. Sigh! Aging brain :[

nauru, Jan 28, 1:08am
Oops! senior moment, we all have them, lol. You can get another one from the OP shop, they usually quite cheap.

fefeoc, Jan 28, 6:13am
I'm thinking I'll probably end up buying my own back again.

korbo, Jan 28, 9:08am
why do you put the yogurt in the hot water cupboard. ?

clevercloggs, Jan 28, 9:31am
Here is the recipe I use. It works a treat and they also have the metric measures:
Be sure to use a brand of yogurt that has live and active yogurt cultures in it.
1 quart (1 l) whole milk
1/4 cup (60 g) plain whole milk yogurt
1. Clean a 1 quart (1 l) jar by pouring boiling water in it and letting it stand 5 minutes. Drain the water (carefully, as the water and the jar will be hot), and let the jar dry.
2. Heat the milk in a saucepan fitted with a thermometer, or use an instant read thermometer, until the milk reaches 180ºF (82ºC). Remove from heat.
3. When the temperature drops to 115ºF (45ºC), stir in the 1/4 cup of yogurt, then pour the mixture into the jar and cover it.
4. Put the yogurt in a slightly warm place, and leave it undisturbed for 10 to 12 hours. The longer fermentation will yield a more tart yogurt.
An oven that has a pilot light, is good. I have radiant heat (under-floor* heat) and put it in a warm spot.
5. Chill the yogurt thoroughly, at least three hours. The yogurt will thicken up once cool.
NB: I use one small rub of Greek plain yogurt to get the process going. After that you can use your own yogurt to get it started!

bev00, Mar 15, 11:59am
you need a source of contant even heat. Not necessarely a yoghurt maker tho they are convinient. I used to have mine setting in bed under the duvet with the electric blanket on. Until the day I jumped on top of it.
You also need a starter. or use the instant sachets from the supermarket(instructons on the back)
Whether you like this or not is for you to try out. I wonly like unsweetened plain joghurt foe example.
my way of making it ,works for me, is using 120grams skinmilkpower mixed with 2 tabsp of greek style instant yoghurt powder , 1 litre of lukewarm water and leave in maker overnight. Works out at $1.45 for a kilo of yoghurt plus the minimal power charge. So a lot cheaper. ,

you can buy joghurt maker really cheap in second hand shops, the thermos ones. I prefer my electric one, but own both.
As for taste-well I like it well above any commercial product

Quotelilyfield (520 ) 5:32 pm, Wed 13 Mar #2

sarahb5, Mar 15, 11:55pm
It has never worked for me trying to make yoghurt in my yoghurt maker without using a Hansells or Easiyo sachet even when I start with really good "live" yoghurt - it turns out runny and grainy. But I love Hansells Greek lite - thick, creamy and delicious - always have some in the fridge and the flavour is as good as any commercially produced one that I've found in the same price bracket. Tried Clearwaters and didn't think it was any better than Hansells - it was too creamy for me and didn't have the tangy sharpness that I like. The Collective is good and Piako too but I prefer to add my own fruit. I also use yoghurt for salad dressings, dips, tzatziki, etc so never use or buy sweetened yoghurt for that reason.

bev00, Mar 16, 12:40pm
for yoghurt makers

dolphinlu, Mar 19, 11:31am
i use mine all the time.
I drink a lot of smoothies.

paora-tm, Mar 19, 7:22pm
I used to keep mine warm by other means but have recently bought a Goldair Yoghurt Maker and I'm really glad I did. Makes yoghurt in 8 hours. I was surprised at how warm it gets - must stick a thermometer in it next time to see what temperature it reaches. The yoghurt needs a good stir up to make it smooth. Have just used milk with a bit of starter so far but have bought a Hansells mix to try next time.

paora-tm, Mar 20, 8:44am
And I just did with my Hansells effort - 118.2F. in the electric yoghurt maker.

nabbed, Dec 3, 10:19am
I buy my starter from Natren,because I like the Bugaracus stain, at the moment they have some old stock going cheep, but still works, I make 2 litres once a week and use 1 teaspoon of starter then for two weeks use half a cup from old batch then back to starter, I use trim milk with extra milk powder in it , and I keep it warm in an easy yo,and 2 wide mouth food flasks, I eat it every day for breakfast, sometimes lunch and if I'm late home or in a hurry I will even have a quick scoff at tea time, I use it for baking as well. This strain of yoghurt was an instant relief for my IBS, I swear by it, because it likes the small intestines as well as the large

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