Cold Smoked Eggs

exoticchick, May 5, 6:09am
Hi there does anybody out there know how to cold smoke eggs that remain raw after smoking. I believe the flavour is amazing.

stasi21, May 5, 6:46am
Ive never heard of that, sounds interesting though. I googled it and came up with this. Not sure if any of it is any help?
http://forums. php? t=20098

exoticchick, May 5, 5:41pm
Thank you for that, I know some-one who brought them and they poached them and said the flavour was awesome. I am going to try some this weekend. We tried them and hard-boiled them last weekend, so back to the drawing board.

traceedwards, May 5, 6:51pm
looks like a simple enough process

Bung them in your cold smoker as you would with anything else.

I'm going to try it next smoke up I have.

Wonder if putting them in a liquid smoke solution would have the same effect?

kirinesha, May 5, 8:47pm
Ooooh, love the idea of smoked eggs! A home smoker is on my list of things I want for Christmas!

karenz, Apr 3, 2:42am
I bought an old fashioned electric frypan and metal cake rack from the local Vinnies, lined the bottom with tinfoil and put some treated sawdust from Hunting and fishing on top of that along with a small dish to collect the fat and cold smoked a pork belly that way. I used a rub I got offline which included bayleaves and juniper berries. I wouldn't exactly call it bacon but when in was sliced thinly and fried it was delicious.

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