Freeable baking/finger food kids party?

da_kerbsta1, May 4, 9:49pm
Hey guys, am throwing a 'kiddies' themed party for my partner next week, and need some ideas and memories for economical finger food for a 90's kids party, not the healthy stuff they have today.
So far I was thinking cocktail sausages and sauce, fairy bread, sausage rolls, and bowls of lollies and chip and dippies.
The party is 2 weeks away and I'm in a baking mood, what are some economical treats I can make and freeze half of?

red2, May 4, 10:04pm
mini pizzas , mini muffins

greerg, May 6, 4:40am
Small picklets to top with butter and hundreds and thousands, small meringues coloured with food colouring, small savoury tarts with egg, cheese, bacon, chives etc. - boys always seem to go for those, gingerbreadmen or animals depending on your range of cookie cutters

clare_mel, May 6, 5:35am
You have to have iced animal biscuits! They were always my favourite. What about russian fudge?

christin, May 6, 5:39am
the lunchen and cheese toothpicks.
pineapple on toothpicks stuck in a orange
iced vanila wines with hundreds and thousands stuck to the icing

christin, May 6, 5:40am
those square ended ice cream cones that used to have tht marshemllow stuff in them and once again, hundreds and thousands on the top!

chocolate crackle things in the patty papers.

honey ricebubble biscuits

prendy1, May 7, 6:42am
Jelly boats!

natalie9, May 7, 6:44am
cupcakes, can freeze the cupcakes then ice the day before

duckmoon, May 7, 7:11am
half an orange turned skins side up... Toothpicks with cheese and pineapple pushed into it...

danielvds, May 7, 12:26pm
mini donuts sliced in half length ways then spread with raspberry jam and topped with whipped cream and hundreds and thousands, Watermelon wedges, marshmellows half dipped in chocolate then coconut, big bowls of buttered popcorn, mini chocolate eclaires, bite size meringues topped with whipped cream and chocolate hail.

indigojo, May 7, 7:50pm
and how are those foods different from what kids have at parties today lol? ...
... mini pizzas, cupcakes (at miss to-be-5s party I'm getting the kids to decorate the cupcakes before eating)...

mismuffet, May 7, 10:33pm
Cars, buy a party pack of little milkyway bars or moros or what ever he likes, melt chocolate to use to glue pebbles on the sides as wheels and poke a little tiny teddy biscuit in the top as the driver.

andrea1978, May 8, 12:25am
Mmm butterfly cakes! Not many people make them anymore. I remember fairy bread, chocolate eclairs, twisties from the 80s! Gotta have chocolate eclairs! I do traffic light jellies for my kids which are pretty old school - use a plastic wine cup (the squat ones) and put a cocktail umbrella in top and they look awesome :)

andrea1978, May 8, 12:26am
that used to be my job in the 80s! my stepmother also used these cocktail things that were red and green? cherries or something? and gherkin i think

mumstu, Apr 12, 9:00am
Cocolate crackles with the vegetable shortening in them in the little paper case thingies...