How to melt white chocolate

muffin2, Sep 9, 4:14am
wife made some muffins and wanted to glaze them with white chocolate, so first she put the white chocolate in a tupperware bowl and put that bowl in another bowl that had boiling water in and that did nothing (she apparently saw this being done at a tupperware party). So I put the chocolate in a stainless steel bowl and put that over a saucepan of simmering water (not touching the water) for at least 15 mins and nothing happened - the chocolate softened a bit, but that's all that happened. We expected it to melt completely

were we doing something wrong, or does white chocolate not melt at all?

peterd11, Sep 9, 5:12am
Make sure that it's white cooking chocolate - or else you could use white Candy Writers which somewhere like Indulge Fine Foods in Browns Bay should have. These are a compound coating which you just heat in warm water and squeeze from the tube.

rainrain1, Sep 9, 5:41am
I understood you are not supposed to let the water boil under the choc, and that you should stir it. works with chocolate chocolate, but can't say I've tried to melt the white

kaddiew, Sep 9, 6:08am
I melt it slowly in the microwave, as I do for all chocolate.

nauru, Sep 9, 6:52am
Same here, so easy. Any kind of chocolate melts well this way.

rainrain1, Sep 9, 6:54am
Slowly does it

camper18, Sep 9, 8:35am
White chocolate buttons or melts, short bursts of 10-20 seconds on a lower setting in the m/w. Stir between each burst until required consistency.

natalie9, Nov 2, 1:17am
I've always done it the same way as you muffin2 but in a Pyrex dish, shouldn't make a difference though. It's always melted. I used all brands too. I never use melts.

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