Sweetcorn Fritters.

My late mum always cooked the most beautiful golden brown sweetcorn fritters.
Made some today, and cos **trying** to be healthy, used Rice bran oil
They burnt before the inside was cooked.
Hubby reckons Mum always used dripping ( or fat).

What do you cook yours in, and how do you get a nice even golden colour, instead of black.

Chef_korbo, Feb 26, 2:40 am

I cook mine in oil but over a lower heat. so the inside is cooked nicely but not burnt. here the recipe that I use

Sweet Corn Fritters
Same Recipe as Off the Watties Can

1x 410gm Can of Cream style Sweet corn
1 egg Beaten
3 Tbspn Flour
Salt & Pepper to taste
½ Tbspn Baking Powder
Combine the sweet corn, Egg beaten, Salt & Pepper. Sift in flour Baking Powder. Gradually stir well. Cook in tablespoon size fitters. Fry in Butter or oil until Golden Brown & serve.

Chef_petal1955, Feb 26, 3:26 am

Yum you are making me hungry - love corn fritters. Went to a café the other day and they were $4.95 for one fritter with sweet chilli sauce on the side. Get a few out of a tin of corn!

Chef_asue, Feb 26, 3:38 am

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I love them tooooooooo!

Chef_fruitbat, Feb 26, 3:52 am

change your flour for corn flour and you will get a better crisp on your fritters they brown up nicely dont have the batter too thick and keep the heat down a bit you may be able to remove the baking powder as well

Chef_whitehead., Feb 26, 4:00 am

I cook them on low heat in a non-stick pan, I also use for pikelets, no oil, nothing, they are beautiful, lowish heat the key, like cooking pikelets

Chef_kids4ever, Feb 26, 4:11 am

I would say the element was too hot. Wait til its hot but not too hot before spooning in the fritters.

Chef_vomo2, Feb 26, 4:49 am

cool, will try all recomendations. thx

Chef_korbo, Feb 26, 4:52 am

I used to make them with creamed corn but they were gluggy. Now I use my pikelet recipe (minus the sugar), that makes thick'pillows' - and add lots of corn kernals, spring onion, and replace some of the milk with corn relish. Low heat, no oil or just a little cooking spray.

Chef_kaddiew, Feb 26, 6:19 am

#9, do you use the liquid. I think I will try corn kernals instead of the creamed corn.

Chef_korbo, Feb 26, 8:08 am

I use the Fog Dog fritter mix, and it makes lovely corn fritters. I also add chopped bacon, onion, cheese and zuchinni. Yum

Chef_angie117, Feb 26, 4:25 pm

Do you mean the liquid from a can of corn kernals? No, just the kernals, and I usually use frozen ones that I'be poured boiling water over, then drained.

Chef_kaddiew, Feb 26, 7:24 pm

Fog Dog fritter mix? Can you buy that at any Supermarket? Just that I've never come across it.

Chef_fruitbat, Feb 26, 7:30 pm

That's the way I do it, by far the best way, I can't stand the corn flavored pikelets with corn kernels some people make.

Chef_beaker59, Feb 26, 10:46 pm

Make Corn Fritters frequently & use Rice Bran Oil, turn when they bubble same as Pikelets - never had problems. Adjust temp during cooking. Allison Holsts recipe: 440gm can(creamed or plain), 1 egg, 1c SR Flour.
No fuss, bung it all together & cook.

Chef_sla11, Feb 26, 11:58 pm

fog dog mix. ?

Chef_korbo, Feb 27, 3:47 am

Chef_joonjunior, Feb 27, 11:15 am

Best ones I have ever made was when I separated the egg, and beat the egg whites before adding, having already added the yokes. So light and fluffy. Emmm need to make some again. My family have always loved them, dunked in tomato sauce.

Chef_deanna14, Feb 28, 8:49 am

This is what i do, always good cook them in tablesp oil and knob butter.

Chef_fifie, Feb 28, 8:59 am

If you would like a pleasant change and bulk them up (for hungary teens)
try adding some cooked mashed kumera, it is delish, but it is very filling.

Chef_cleggyboy, Mar 1, 7:34 pm

Another way is to cook outside to desired colour then pop in the oven to finish. I make the food in minutes watties chilli ones yum. always a hit in our house.

Chef_ruby19, Jan 26, 12:20 am

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