How much sugar to use in making tomato sauce?

Is there a rule of thumb as to how much sugar to use when making tomato sauce? For some reason my sauce is slightly a bit too sweet. In the last batch I made, for about 3kgs of toms, I put in 400grams of sugar. Next time I'll use less, but thought I should find out how much I should really use. (I use the reducing method, when making the sauce.)

I've googled, but haven't been able to find anything.


Chef_camelot9, Mar 2, 2:56 am

Not really depends on your recipe. Sauce I make sometimes that's bottled has about 800gr - kg sugar, then pasta sauce I freeze has 2tblspns, everyone's taste buds are different go with your recipe if your happy with it and adjust sweetness to suit.

Chef_fifie, Mar 2, 6:07 am

THis is recipe I use but I cut the sugar to 800g. I don't find it sweet at all - in fact the kids complain if they have to use Watties tomato sauce as they find that too sweet now!

Chef_wachael1, Mar 2, 10:25 pm

Thanks for your replies.
Made a batch last night. WIth 3kgs of toms, including some cherry toms to get it to 3kgs, I started off with using 200gms of sugar. The sauce wasn't thickening very well, so added another 50gms, which helped. A good thick sauce, but still a bit sweet. Will have to wait to ask a friend to have a taste and see what she thinks.

Chef_camelot9, Mar 3, 9:02 am

You should have reduced the sauce more until it thickened up and not added the extra sugar.

Chef_nauru, Jan 21, 1:44 am