Where will I find brown rice syrup, couldn't find

white_elephant, Nov 15, 4:51am
it at my local supermarket? It is needed for the sugar free tomato sauce on here. Thanks

turtlet, Nov 15, 5:23am
Not sure it's in most supermarkets but Commonsense Organics has it -opposite Queensgate

nauru, Nov 15, 8:14am
Most supermarkets carry it, it may be in the health food or sugar/sweetener aisle. You could also try Davis Trading in Petone too.

awoftam, Nov 15, 8:22am
I use BRS however you can use honey; just use to taste . At the end of the day BRS is fructose free; honey isn't and F is what I personally try to avoid for many reasons. If you do substitute H for BRS just keep in mind H is wayyyyyy sweeter (as it contains fructose). So have a play and enjoy.

illusion_, Nov 15, 10:04am
it's still sugar, no matter what form or name you want to tag onto it

uli, Nov 15, 9:18pm
sugar comes in many forms and fructose is a bit of a bummer for the human body if it comes in big quantities.

awoftam, Nov 15, 9:27pm
Not all sugars are created equal. Not sure why people find it hard to understand that.

uli, Nov 15, 9:44pm
Well some figure it out the hard way, others learn before it gets to be a problem. Certainly fructose in big quantities is not recommended - especially if you already have liver problems or if you take medication that affects your liver.

And of course all sugars and your toast, pasta, potato etc end up as glucose in your blood stream triggering an insulin response. However fructose is in a spot of their own as the human body cannot really deal with it - except for the liver.

This is why I reckon the old saying should be "eat lots of vegetables and a little fruit" and not what most people say "eat lots of fruit and vegetables" - completely wrong way round.

illusion_, Nov 15, 10:14pm
Perfectly understood. But it IS still sugar

nauru, Jun 24, 3:17am
It depends on the type of bread, pasta and potatoes you eat. Eating wholefood toast, pasta and choosing sweet potato or small new potatoes doesn't have that same effect as it breaks down much more slowly.

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