Pasta machine

neats25, Feb 15, 7:18am
Hi there. Can anyone recommend a good pasta machine? Not too expensive would be good!

wendalls, Feb 15, 10:08am
All I can say is. If you have a thick kitchen bench, measure it and check the clamp that comes with the machines. My one doesn't fit over my bench or dining table so needs a second person to hold it. Pretty much useless. My bench is about 7 cm thick.

lythande1, Feb 15, 6:39pm
I took a long board, varnished it and attach my machine to that.

laspaz, Feb 15, 6:44pm
I have one that is branded Baccarat. Has been great so far, not that I use it as much as I should.

unknowndisorder, Feb 15, 6:59pm
Go buy a g clamp from mitre 10. Not sure if changes are required or not, but think they work.

biggles45, Feb 15, 8:40pm
Mine's a Stevens one. My bench is just over 4cms thick and the clamp fits with a bit to spare. They are reduced in store at the moment to $29.99 (were $99.99 so a good deal).

whitehead., Feb 16, 2:38am
look for a picnic table the fold up kind at the red shed for under $30 or keep an eye out at op shops . i used a $5 table brought from an op shop to roll it out . being disable i find this easyer

peterd11, Feb 16, 3:22am
The Accessory Shop in Timaru should have these.

craftee, Feb 19, 4:10am
I've got the steven's one and the clamp is too small for my bench (stock standard kitchen bench) so I have to use it at the table which is a bit of a pain as the table is in a carpeted area. It works fine but the spaghetti comes out smaller than I'd like.

beaker59, Feb 19, 5:43am
That's a great deal, I have a Warehouse one that I have had for years its great and I use it allot. Homemade is so much nicer and easier that you eat pasta more often I have found. Fantastic for stuffed pasta too, in fact only way you can stuff your own.

wendalls, Feb 20, 4:12am
Good hints re the clamp thanks. I could bring in my outdoor table and cover it with something. It has slats so I didn't want the mess on the floor. have looked at the clamp and it isn't replaceable at a quick glance. Mine is a Stevens 'prepare' original price $99 and I paid about $40

whitehead., Feb 24, 10:52pm
buy an old sheet from an op shop for 3/5 dollars and put that on the floor to cover your carpet when you have finished pick the lot up shake out side and toss in the wash works for me

bronski17, Mar 2, 5:45am
I was just wondering if this one is for sale. I am looking for one. Cheers

bronski17, Jan 22, 3:42pm
Just went and brought one as they were on sale at Stevens still. Now to use it.

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