Microwave ovens in purpose built cupboards

susievb, Nov 2, 10:53pm
Hi, I have a microwave on the end of a cupboard. When i cook something with lots of water (stewing apples etc) it is dripping with steam at the end when I open the door -which is expected.
But some steam must come through the vent holes at the back, as due to limited space at the time I had a wall unit backed up against it for a while, and being chip board it ended up a bit damp and when like weetbixs. Thankfully only a small area so not to big a problem.

So I was thinking with microwaves put into specially built cupboards over ovens or where ever in kitchens now days, is there ever a problem with steam built up from the vents at the back of the microwave? since they are often very fitted into the cupboards with not much air space.

buzzy110, Jul 25, 9:01am
You have certainly given us something to think about. I wonder how many other people have found this to be an issue. I have a similar issue with heat and steam release from my inbuilt oven but I never really thought about steam damaging the top divider.

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