Electric pizza ovens

deb821, Feb 24, 8:33am
Has anyone got one? How do you find it. Is it better or worse than cooking in the oven? Thinking about one but not sure. They seem quite expensive too

deb821, Feb 24, 8:34am
Just referring to the bench type appliances

ruby19, Feb 25, 5:49am
I have a friend that has one, and uses it a lot,
I suppose it saves heating an oven up if only cooking 1 pizza.

neil_di, Mar 1, 8:11pm
They are really good We have one . heats hotter than normal oven and cooks pizza in 5 . 7 mins depending on type of base .We make our bases and have fed 7 people comfortably with continuous pizzas so handy. We bought ours after seeing the NZ Food truck programme. no regrets here

rema, Mar 1, 8:57pm
Wouldn't be without mine, always for everything, does save heating up an oven and does seem to cook faster than a normal stove

kay141, Mar 1, 9:00pm
Are they any good for anything apart from pizzas? I seldom eat pizza.

laspaz, Mar 1, 9:06pm
I'd imagine wraps, pitas and tortillas?

kay141, Mar 1, 9:12pm
Nothing else? I understood they were just a smaller version of an oven.

laspaz, Mar 1, 9:14pm
They are about the size of a frying pan with a lid. so can't fit much in it.

kay141, Mar 1, 9:28pm
The ones I have seen advertised have been the shape and size of a microwave. This gives the impression of a bench top oven.

laspaz, Jan 26, 8:07am
I guess the OP could clear it up for you, but the benchtop ones are usually small. Have a google and check them out.

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