Ovens - Miele vs Fisher & Paykel

Chef_kiwileprechaun, May 16, 7:26 am
I'm looking purchasing a new wall oven. I was quite keen on an F&P oven, but I was talking to a salesperson who was a big fan of the Miele ones (the shop sells both).

I'm interested in opinions about which would be a better option - both are about the same size, similar functions. Cost, within reason, is not a make or break question so it really comes down to which is the better oven.

Our oven is used for - family meals (incl. casseroles, roasts, grilling, homemade pizza), baking and the occasional loaf of bread. No major specialties required though it would be good to be able to make a reasonable pav (something our current oven is incapable of).

All thoughts and comments appreciated!

Chef_awoftam, May 16, 7:47 am
My understanding is Meile is more accurate temp wise - however everyone here will have an opinion so the experts will be best to talk to you. Do you have a Betta Electrical where you live? I have shopped in 3 towns and found them all to be brilliant. If they are not an expert on the brand they will get you someone who is.

Chef_ryanm2, May 16, 8:54 am
Fisher & Paykel would be my last choice on any whiteware / kitchenwares.

Chef_sweet_rhianna, May 16, 10:02 am
I've just got off the phone with my Mum telling me how her new F&P oven can't bake cakes or bread. She's used the same recipes and bakeware through 4 different ovens and this is the only one that's useless.

Chef_pogram0, May 16, 10:02 am
There have been a couple of other threads about this topic over the last year or so and the Whirlpool one got some very good reviews. I am personally going to check them out myself this weekend as I an having a new kitchen installed soon.

Chef_fifie, May 16, 10:32 am
Now F/P are made in mexico i'm on your page here. They are crap, ive had a oven that the glass in door blew up in my face 6 mths old, fridge dumped only 5 years old, will never have another of their products in the house. O/P check out consumer report on both.

Chef_aj.2., May 16, 10:53 am
If your budget allows you, buy Miele, more solid, and back up is better.

Chef_awoftam, May 16, 11:01 am
I love Miele- the dishwasher I had did cause some issues with blockages tho and was slightly smaller inside. Use their vaccys, and brought their front loader. Not ovens tho, had a bosch and funnily enough now have a f and p (just had to go check the brand lol) and find it fantastic. Heats up very fast, and cooks as well as anything I have ever owned. Depends on your budget tho. You can spend as much as you want to! Huge choice out there.

Chef_ruby19, May 17, 6:15 am
I have a fisher paykel oven and love it, it is probably one of their top of the line ones, as it is pyrolitic (sp) I find it great. Would replace it with another after having a smeg and an ariston.

Chef_awoftam, May 17, 6:55 am
Do you have experience where f and p have not backed their product? Meile is great however some products do have their disadvantages (IME), certified repair people included - depending on where you live, of course.

Chef_vashti, Jul 28, 12:49 am
I have had a new Bosch oven and hob for about 6 months. So far I have found the temperatures to be very accurate.

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