Ovens recommendations?

fizzy_kiwi, Jun 1, 11:04am
Getting close to ripping out my hideous kitchen, only problem is deciding what to put in it.

Current oven is a cheap Everdure that I hate beyond reckoning. It's the main thing and I have no idea what to look for in a quality oven. I've been looking at split ones (though most freestanding seem to have a grill + fanbake setup, not two proper ovens of different sizes), but I also like the idea of putting one in the wall (I have plenty of bench space for the elements elsewhere, and will have a fan for it).

Or am I barking up the wrong tree? I was told that smaller ovens are a good idea for saving power, and I very rarely cook more than one tray's worth of items unless doing a casserole or roast. I definitely don't need anything of a professional grade, just a good brand with longevity.

kaddiew, Jun 1, 8:32pm
Stay away from Classique - I've had 2 of them, not by choice, and they're a load of rubbish.

raloki, Jun 1, 9:02pm
When I was getting a new one a couple of years ago I got a fisher and paykel one with fan bake. My electrician advised me to get one with fan bake as I like to cook, and could cook more than one thing at a time. I had a F&P Paprika prior to that which was in the place when I moved in and was useless. My electrician advised me to stay away from simpsons and westinghouse brands as the elements go quite often.

cgvl, Jun 1, 10:08pm
When we replace our kitchen I am going for a wall oven and I want one that has a main oven and a smaller (what I call) pastry oven/grill. So probably a 1&1/2 oven. We currently have a free standing oven with separate grill which I love as most of the time we only use the grill.
The elements going on some of the ovens mention are because people tend to turn the element switch directly from off to high anti clockwise and from high to off clockwise which snaps the simmer stat. They should always be turned on in a clockwise direction and off anti clockwise. They are a pain to have to replace as not cheap

molly37, Sep 9, 7:12pm
Bosch. we love it. Replaced it from a useless westinghouse!