Indesit wall ovens

pennyze, Apr 2, 6:44am
Can anyone tell me anything about the above. Have any f you had one and how did it perform. Indesit have induction cooktops too - how are they? TIA

cats5, Apr 2, 8:10pm
i have a wall oven it is great

fifie, Apr 3, 9:42am
Mine is a gas hob, with electric oven love it.

issymae, Apr 3, 9:25pm
had one - the smaller one; had problems with roasts- the rack would fall if roast dish was heavy so didn't do a lot of roasts; OK for baking etc

harriss, Oct 27, 9:48am
I've been using mine for 13 years, a small wall oven. Has been almost perfect, only glitch has been the the little light to indicate the temperature has fallen inside the front, I can still see it though and everything else works as it should.

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