Tripe and onions on toast

traderken, Dec 22, 6:10am
for tea tonight. Yum I love it although my wife reckons it has a distictive aroma while cooking. This is food for proper Nzers

cleo444, Dec 22, 6:16am
Was my fathers favourite. Seeing a whole vat of it once on a visit to a freezing works was enough to put me off for life

uli, Dec 22, 8:12am
bump for the tripers here :(

mary34, Dec 22, 9:33am
I too am a tripe fan. Hastings New World has it regularly, nice honeycomb. When you first boil it cover the top with a slice of bread and this helps get rid of the odour. Lift off and drain the tripe and cover with fresh water. I always buy the pickling onions and add them so they are just cooked when finished. I always drain and cover with milk and thicken with cornflour (a blob of butter must be added too) and then heaps of parsley just before dishing up. Yummm

fifie, Dec 22, 10:01am
Nothing wrong with a good old nosh up of tripe and onions in a white sauce piled on to a heap of mashed spuds, trouble is its hard to buy now and quite expensive.

gabbysnana, Dec 24, 3:48am
God kill me now!

skydancing, Mar 5, 12:02am
Hey Mary34 next time you are having tripe and onions please invite me lol! Was reading above andt hought gee that sounds familiar and then realised who had written it lol. Yummy is right!

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