Coconut rice

Chef_mike590, Feb 20, 4:35 am
I'm planning to make coconut rice to go with my yum goat curry tonight. I havnt made coconut rice so I need some help. I only have coconut cream and I only have boil in the bag rice. Do I need to dilute the coconut cream down at all? And can I cook the rice in the bag as I fit was cooked in water? Advice very much appreciated :)

Chef_deanna14, Feb 20, 5:07 am
If you only have boil in the bag rice I would do what you normally do to prepare it. And afterwards stir in enough coconut cream not to make you rice sloppy.

Its not the right rice, but will do.

Chef_sarahb5, Feb 10, 9:08 am
Boil in the bag rice is parcooked so it cooks more quickly. You could empty it out of the bag and simmer until fully cooked in a mix of coconut cream and water

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