Trouble with butter cream icing - help!

wasala, Jul 26, 10:42pm
DD's birthday guests are coming at noon and she's just had to abandon the butter cream icing for her cake because it was lumpy and wouldn't pipe. What should she know before starting again? Any tips will be most appreciated!

wasala, Jul 26, 10:43pm
Oh and by the way, Uli and Buzzy are very welcome to contribute here if they know the answer!

davidt4, Jul 26, 11:00pm
What was your friend's recipe?

wasala, Jul 26, 11:02pm
It was this one. It sounds fool-proof but wasn't!

melford, Jul 26, 11:28pm
Did she sift the icing sugar first to get rid of any pre existing lumps. Butter should be soft but not melted. Beat. If it is too thick add hot water a drop at a time until the right consistency

wasala, Jul 26, 11:33pm
Thanks for that. We solved the problem - the bowl was too cold so I warmed it with the hairdryer as she was beating and this lot is perfect. Now she's piping little daisies onto her green cake and using little bits of yellow jellybeans for their centres. it looks cute!

uli, Feb 11, 10:08am
Glad you solved it :)

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