White Butter Cream Icing?

nelly87, Mar 28, 5:56am
Can you make white butter cream icing?or does it stay sort of cream? Thaks

b-m-w, Mar 28, 7:05am
You would have to use sno creme, from millies kitchen shop, or Birkenhead choc shop?It's soft and specially made for this use otherwise there is kremelta like products? Sno cremeis used to make royal icing as it stays white, butter will make your icing cream.

b-m-w, Mar 28, 7:07am

b-m-w, Mar 28, 7:17am
Sno Creme 500g

Buttercream icing essential. In a handy 500g pot. Soy-based, contains no animal fats. Ideal for all your cake decorating icings.

Sno Creme 500g
Item: 2916.
Basic Buttercream recipe:
1C Sno Creme
1tsp Vanillia extract
1T Meringue powder
500g Icing sugar
4-5T Luke warm water
Mix Sno creme, vanilla and meringue powder in processor or mixer till smooth. Add icing sugar and blend. Slowly add water T's at a time. Add colours and add more water till desired consistency reached.

Millies Kitchen shop Auckalnd

rosathemad, Mar 28, 9:23am
You can also get a food colour that effectively colours food white - e.g. http://www.cakestuff.co.nz/zencart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=23_57&products_id=662

Personally I prefer dealing with the slightly yellow/creamy hue than using vegetable shortening (e.g. Sno Creme) as I don't like the taste, though many don't mind it. The other option is to make egg-white based icing or frosting for a true white. :-)

nelly87, Mar 28, 6:54pm
Thankyou for this help.

How do I make and egg wjite based icing?

chicco2, Mar 28, 7:11pm
Egg white icing is true Royal Icing. White of an egg with icing sugar added till its the right consistency. Keep stirring till its smooth. If piping, you have to sieve the icing sugar. Acetic acid is added to assist in setting. You can add lemon juice too. The icing will set crunchy hard. Keep the bowl covered with Glad wrap or a damp Ttowel to stop it setting if you need to.

b-m-w, Mar 28, 7:59pm
I agree with chicco, that is a great recipe also, depending on what the cake is for, I would warn pregnant woman before they eat uncooked egg white? on the other hand this is why Milly's sell the meringue powder. so you don't have that problem? Lets know how things work out, good luck.

rosathemad, Mar 28, 11:49pm
American white frosting is fluffy and made with a sugar syrup - different from royal icing (though similar). :-) I will try to track down a recipe later on.

waswoods, Dec 4, 12:10am
Does anyone know how much of this to use! A few drops! Half the container! Any help appreciated, thanks

tortenz, Dec 4, 1:30am
Quite a lot, good couple of squirts. and it changes the texture quite it bit.It's a bit disconcerting as it looks like twink!

shop-a-holic, Dec 4, 1:41am
Foolproof Royal Icing

350gms Icing Sugar
2 egg Whites

Beat on slow first to incorporate; and then the highest speed in a large mixer for 5 minutes. Stop, scrape down bowl. Add juice to half a lemon, and beat again for 2 minutes. Use timer; or clock on oven.

wimwam1, Dec 4, 2:26am
instead of using all butter do half butter and half kremelta, beat the crap out of it and it goes loevely and white

sarahb5, Dec 4, 3:20am
And if you use unsalted butter it would be paler as well

waswoods, Dec 4, 9:27am
Thanks - can you still put it in a piping bag!

artiste, Dec 4, 11:57am
You could try swiss meringue or italian meringue - you can make it into buttercream by adding butter, or leave it out for a yummy frosting that is easy to pipe and is light and fluffy, and best of all stays white!Just google it!Try this one http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/recipe/italian-meringue-2
Good luck!