Butter Cream or Mock Cream for Gateau

pughjames, May 17, 6:09am
Does anyone have an easy recipe for this?

lizab, May 17, 6:16am
how far in advance are you making it?

rainrain1, May 17, 6:20am
real cream for me :-)

pughjames, May 17, 6:32am
want to make it this week for a fuinction on Sunday

sikofstuf, May 17, 7:01am
If it's only a day or two before- go with 500gms butter, 1 kg icing sugar. If you need it to be a little more stable go with halving the butter and add vegetable shortening instead- like kremelta. Personally I like the whole butter one myself. What's really nice too is cherry liquor, and real merachino cherries layered alternatively- black forrest gateux- ohhhhh, my fave! (if it's choc cake! )

maxwell.inc, May 12, 11:54pm
Google Vanilla Butter Cream

We had it on our wedding cake... was super nice.

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