Wow my easycook oven is great but the fan noise

mndy1, Jul 26, 6:16am
is pretty loud? Are all brands quite noisy? I've heard that this one cooks quicker than some of the other brands. I wonder if it's because of the fan?

paora-tm, Jul 26, 6:44am
What is an easycook oven?

mndy1, Jul 26, 7:29am
One of those round glass convection ovens. It has an element and fan in the lid.

paora-tm, Jul 26, 7:32am
Oh, I had one of those. Used it once and gave it away 5 years later. lol

kiwigoldie, Jul 26, 8:27am
I have had the genuine easy cook and the El cheap or ones . they are all pretty noisy. the genuine easy ok does seem to have a slightly more powerful motor and cooks slightly faster. friend and I both have them. She has k mart version. Both put chickens on at same time while camping and hers took about ten mins longer to cook.

mndy1, Jul 26, 8:32am
Thanks for that kiwi and now that I know that your reply is genuine and that you're not someone from general having a dig.
I was very impressed with the roast I cooked tonight and I'll learn to live with the noise.

kiwigoldie, Jul 26, 8:43am
I use it for most things as there are two adults and one child to cook for in our house. you just have to find the right sized dishes. I did try to cook a cake . you need to reduce the temperature and make sure you use the metal ring to make it taller. great for things like baked potatoes in jackets. Fries. makes great cheese on toast. oh. and gorgeous stuffed crumbed chicken breasts. wonderful low fat cooking with not needing to use oil.

mndy1, Jul 26, 11:12am
Sorry kiwi re my thread in general. Am so used to their grubby minds in there that I was just checking.
I didnt get a ring with mine or tongs and a rack for the lid as I got it second hand but I was very impressed. I might try some chops or drumsticks next.
You,ll have to fill me in on some of your recipes one day. I dont do baking so It would just be meat and veg.

pickles7, Jul 26, 11:38am
Our Sunbeam conventional cooker, is quiet and cooks very well. We are most impressed with it. Way cheaper than an Air fryer, dose the same job and heaps more.

mndy1, Jul 26, 11:55am
Thanks pickles. I,ll look into that and see how they compare time and power wise.
It took about an hour and a half to cook a thawed small lamb roast.

buzzy110, Feb 11, 5:06pm
I've used my Easy Cook (on to my third now) for over 20 years. I absolutely love it to bits. I use oven bags with big cuts on top so that I have lots of lovely stock once the meat is cooked to make sauces with and keeps the bowl "cleanish". I have never noticed the fan noise but it does have noise, nevertheless. It just doesn't seem to be as loud as you are describing.

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