Oven chutney

trah, May 3, 2:29am
Is it possible to cook chutney in the oven instead of in a pot on the stove top? My recipe for feijoa chutney said to simmer for one and a half to two hours, stirring regularly to avoid sticking, but I thought if I put it into a low oven, once I have brought it to the boil, for say four hours, that might achieve the same result?

cartooncath, May 3, 2:53am
Hi, can you share your recipe? Thanks, not sure about oven instead of pot, don't see why not. Maybe you could try a small amount. The one think with oven verse pot is the heat, when it is on a pot it stays hot but if you are opening the door all the time to stir, you mind find it takes longer or you change is not being cooked long enough... but just quessing, let us know how you get on.

trah, May 3, 8:33am
It is Digby Law's recipe:

1kg feijoas, sliced finely, 500g onions, chopped, 300g raisins, 500g pitted dates, chopped, 500g brown sugar, 1 tb ground ginger, 1tb curry powder, 1 tsp ground cloves, 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper, 4 tsps salt, 4 cups malt vinegar. Combine all ings in large pan, bring to boil and cook very gently for 90-120 mins, till chutney is thick.

I have it in the oven now. I brought it to the boil in my large glass bowl in the microwave, then transferred it to a 100C oven about 5 hours ago. Now I have turned off the heat and will leave it in the oven overnight. It needs to be bottled hot, so will reheat in the morning. I just didn't have a pan large enough, and wasn't going to be able to stir it over the two hours as I had to be out and about, so thought I would try this. A friend who has an Aga (in UK) said she made an oven chutney, but it would not have been with feijoas.

trah, May 3, 10:48pm
Well! That was a success. All bottled up and looking good now. Might do it this way in the future.

juliewn, May 4, 11:07am
A great idea Trah. . :-)

Would you like to add your recipe and method to the preserves thread. . :-)

trah, May 5, 3:08am
Will do.

wineo, Apr 1, 6:14pm
Feijoa chutney I did the Digby laws recipies last week and it only took about 30 to 40 mins on top of the stove so don't let time in recipie put you off