Is there a shortage of cauliflower?

benthecat, Jun 22, 5:51am
Sorry, not a recipe, but for weeks now there's bugger all cauliflower in the supermarket in New Plymouth.
Is it the same elsewhere?
Have to admit to having to buy as mine didn't grow - but that's not unusual as my chooks got into it!
Anyone else noticed a shortage?

kiwitel, Jun 22, 6:05am
Plus they are so expensive at the moment. Well they are when I have seen them .

buzzy110, Jun 22, 6:10am
Not here in Aucks. They are always expensive at this time of the year but considering one cauli lasts the two of us all week, I think $4 is still very affordable. Enough silverbeet for one meal costs up to $3 or more.

Try your local Saturday markets. Growers sell fresh vegetables there, well they do in Aucks anyway.

benthecat, Jun 22, 6:25am
They are still around $4 each here - but there aren't any that often. There are usually halves, but no whole ones, and only probably 10 halves!

samanya, Jun 22, 6:29am
I thought you had a bit of land to grow your own stuff? It was something in a thread about 'crocs' & you mentioned walking around your paddocks?
Silver beet is the easiest vege to grow & if it keeps us down here going through winter . you should be able to have a year round supply . I envy you your climate (for some reasons)
Anyway, I saw cauliflowers for $5 here . I have one mature one left in my garden with more coming on, but they'll be a while yet & I am saving it for the next cauli 'pizza' base.
I agree, even $5 is cheap when one needs to buy it.

cleggyboy, Jun 22, 6:32am
Not here, but I am pissed off with the disgusting cabbage we get these days.One could drive a truck through the leaves without touching the sides. Well not quite but what disgusting stuff we are getting now. Where are the tight ones that were so heavy it took two hands to lift?

rainrain1, Jun 22, 7:29am
There's a row of cauli in my garden, and some nice cabbages coming on :)

hezwez, Jun 22, 11:18am
Pak N Save had them today benthecat. $3.95. They weren't that big either.

lythande1, Jun 22, 8:34pm
Really? But this is the season for them. sure not a summer vege.
I have loads in the garden - staggered. Picked one yesterday.

ruby2014, Jun 23, 3:33am
Yes, always expensive at theis time of year. Go to your local fruit & veggie shop to buy one.
Things dont grow in the winter.

elsielaurie1, Jun 23, 4:05am
Countdown - $5.00 for whole - I didn't look at the 1/2's but made sure I got a fairly big whole!

onyx-1, Jun 23, 4:15am
I think because they have been able to sell them at horrendous prices all year they figure we have go used to it. Its appalling, fortunately our local vege outlets always have some good deals. Just goes to show the mark up super markets put on our fresh produce.

snapperheadrkp, Jun 23, 4:55am
Medium/large pristine pure white fresh Cauli's were $2.50 at our local Vege shop (not supermarket) in Hamilton today.

timturtle, Jun 23, 6:02am
Raewood fresh got them for $2:50 this week. I havent seen them so not sure on the size.

samanya, May 7, 4:42pm
Saw that . could be handy.
I don't think that $5 is a huge amount, but then I'm not cooking for a family.

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