How long can you store Russian fudge for

gennie, Feb 15, 6:37am
Need to make quite a number of batches of Russian Fudge for the upcoming school fair. Due to the amount of other stuff I will be making as well I want to get started 4 weeks out from the date. There won't be enough room in either fridge or freezer to store the quantity I want to make. Is it ok for Russian Fudge to be stored in an air tight container in a cool room for up to 4 weeks?

jamesnmatt, Feb 15, 7:32am
not long, I end up eating it LOL

lilyfield, Feb 15, 7:40am
Yes, you will be fine, but best seal tins with cellotape as well because little fingers love the stuff, it tends to slowly disappear in my house.

gennie, Feb 15, 10:08am
It's not the little fingers that are ever a problem - it's DH larger ones that usually get into trouble. So all fine then in sealed containers in a cupboard away from the heat?

thewomble1, Feb 18, 8:53am
A day if lucky. Store at room temperature

lm446, Feb 18, 6:49pm
The high sugar content stops bacterial and fungal growth. Quite safe

duckmoon, Feb 13, 9:08am
I keep russian fudge in air tight containers.

it willk eep for four weeks.

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