Need yummy sugar free cake or dessert ideas.

molly37, Apr 19, 9:17am
DH has cut out sugar since Jan and lost over 10kg. Its his birthday in a fortnight and not eating cake, sweets or desserts, i'd like to make him a cake or dessert that is relatively sugar free. He has food with hidden sugars like in muesli and yoghurt. Usually i'd make him a carrot cake :( I dont want to use a sugar alternative like stevia. Thankful for any ideas.

cgvl, Apr 19, 9:40am
I make apple or rhubarb crumbles but use the muesli instead for the topping.
I don't add sugar to the fruit, the same with a baked fruit sponge pudding.
In fact if stewing fruit of any sort I don't use sugar.
You could do a winter fruit salad, using fresh and soaked fruits.
For a carrot cake just halve or use ¼ of the sugar amount in the cake it will still turn out fine, this is what I do in all my baking

hestia, Sep 27, 12:10am
Here's an idea:

There would probably be sugar in the tomato sauce (ketchup), but this could be replaced with tomato puree.

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