Anyone got tips for chocolate cake taste better

gordy8252, Jan 11, 11:30pm
Made a chocolate banana cake today turned out perfect but doesnt taste chocolatety enough quite bland. Im sure cocoa is not as strong as it used to be. Anyone got any tips to help here ? ?

smchkn, Jan 12, 12:05am
cut in half and ice with cream melted with chocolate, and ice the top the same. Add choc chips to the cream mix if you want.

1oliverk, Jan 12, 1:28am
1-2 T of custard power I find gives it a good texture

You could try a bit of instant coffee power in a dissolved in a bit of water or milk

sophia4, Jan 12, 8:13am
pure melted dairy milk on top for icing
just for that I might sneak a piece of chocolate... .

jennalee33, Jan 12, 8:18am
I have noticed a big difference in the strength of Cadbury's cocoa and Pams. I always used to buy Cadbury's but find that it is really pale these days. Pams is really strong and it is the one I always use now.

raebea, Jan 12, 8:58am
use Pams cocoa, & I always add a teaspoon of vanilla essence to anything I bake with cocoa in it

glendeb, Jan 12, 9:04am
That was to be my suggestion too. Vanilla really enhances chocolate flavour.

jessie981, Jan 12, 9:04am
Use Pams & my recipe has 1c of strong black coffee.

davejillmc, May 2, 8:25am
My friend told me to use Sunvalley cocoa from Countdown - really nice cocoa apparently.

elliehen, May 2, 9:17am
Lots of Sun Valley products are worth buying but you usually have to bend your knees to find them on the bottom shelf. Product placement is a sneaky game in supermarkets.

alebix, May 2, 9:44am
Use dutch cocoa.

I use the equagold cocoa and it makes a massive difference in my chocolate cake flavours...
I wouldnt use any other cocoa. .

rkcroft, May 2, 10:01am
I use this one as well. I buy 1kg bags of it online. It works out cheaper than the Valhrona one and just as nice.

jag5, May 2, 10:27pm
And also, apparently a touch of chili goes well in chocolate cake. Am yet to try it, but delicious apparently.

andrea1978, May 2, 11:26pm
I always use Pam's cooking choc or there used to be a Signature Range Belgian choc which was even richer. I have also used ghana chocolate (whittaker's) in a chocolate brownie but found it to strong ... others liked it though.

And I also use pam's cocoa! as i know see that was what everyone was talking about lol.

dezzie, May 2, 11:35pm
Homebrand cocoa is nice and strong, I agree cadburys has gone all weak, and a couple of drops of vanilla in a choccy cake always seems to help.

elliehen, May 3, 12:20am
Have tried a chilli chocolate sauce given as a Christmas gift which was... different ;)Other family members liked it.

red2, May 3, 12:39am
a little bit of raspberry jam in a chocolate cake recipe tastes great

buzzy110, May 3, 12:42am
If you want to try chilli chocolate without have to waste too much time cooking a cake with it or spending too much money, buy a small pottle of the Cyclops brand chocolate yoghurt. The sauce on the top has chilli on it.

You may or may not agree that it improves the chocolate flavour.

greerg, May 3, 7:33am
Signature range is a good dark cocoa too and cheaper than Cadbury. I use that for everyday and Valrhona for special things.

golfpunkgal, May 3, 7:39am
Cut the chilli finely and soak in 1/4 c hot water for 10+ minutes. I use half the water in ganache and other half including chilli in the batter... Yum!

fishheadsoup, Mar 28, 5:19pm
can you direct me where to buy online thanks

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