***Dried apricot jam receipe anyone?***

standard, Jul 7, 11:44pm
Would appreciate a tried and true receipe, have looked in the search engine with no luck.

niffer13, Jul 8, 1:31am
Someone please help. I am interested too.

davidt4, Jul 8, 1:52am
This was my favourite in the days when I ate jam.

Apricot & Pineapple Jam

9 med jars

450g dried apricots
1.5 litres water
350g tin pineapple chunks (with juice)
1.4 kg sugar
120g sliced almonds

Soak apricots in water 24 hours. Simmer 30 min or until completely soft.
Add pineapple (chopped coarsely) and juice, bring to boil. Add sugar and almonds.

Boil 20 min approx until it sets.

kaddiew, Jul 8, 2:24am
I haven't had that dried apricot and pineapple jam since my mother made it when I was a child, 50+ years ago. It was always such a favourite, and made with the real, tart dried apricots, before the pale bland Turkish ones turned up.

standard, Jul 8, 5:58am
Thanks davidt4, my mouth is watering for some! Will be making it while we hunker down for the weather that's coming.

lemming2, Jul 8, 7:06am
Luckily Pams still do decent "baking" apricots .
Our family tried and true (Note the measures used!):
1 lb apricots, 5cups water, 2&2/3 lb sugar, slivered almonds if liked.
Soak fruit in water overnight. Boil until soft, mash, add sugar. Boil again about 30 minutes until thick (it doesn't set like pectin fruit). Add almonds and bottle.

standard, Mar 31, 9:07am
Thanks lemming2, will be making some soon.

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