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I bought a one kilo block of mainland tasty cheese because it was by far the cheapest way to buy it. Because I am the only one eating it, I would like to freeze it in quarters but not sure if that is possible. Actually I have frozen it in quarters already but did not know whether it was a good idea, i did it anyway. Thank you.

Chef_rebecca18, Feb 17, 4:20 am

it freezes well if you grate it

Chef_flyingwitch, Feb 17, 4:27 am

Yes always grate it first. if you freeze it in a block it just crumbles.

I froze two kilos this morning. Ive bagged it into 200 gram bags. Excellent for cooking.

Chef_popeye333, Feb 17, 4:38 am

I've frozen both grated and ungrated. I only buy tasty which crumbles and I haven't noticed that it crumbles more when frozen whole.

Btw, I buy 1k blocks, there is just me and I have no trouble getting through it before it goes mouldy. Maybe I eat more cheese.

Chef_kay141, Feb 17, 4:55 am

mine does not crumble at all once defrosted. i use the cheapest available.

Chef_lilyfield, Feb 17, 4:58 am

You can buy it grated & frozen in super markets.

Chef_cleggyboy, Feb 17, 5:27 am

We used to grate then freeze and while frozen rub it with our hands into a fine crumble to flavor Pizza toppings very handy like a parmesan.

Edit to add the crumb was great for sprinkling on sandwich's, potato top etc makes the cheese go for miles and miles, very economical.

Chef_beaker59, Feb 17, 7:10 am

I've never seen it frozen in the supermarket, only grated and it is usually a lot dearer to buy it that way than it is to buy a 1K block. And the blocks are on special frequently.

Chef_kay141, Feb 17, 7:14 am

Freezes fine but if you take it straight from the freezer to the fridge, yes it crumbles when you go to use it. But if you take it from the freezer to the bench (or somewhere) and let it come to room temperature before you place it in the fridge then it is just like fresh cheese. What I find and do anyhow.

Chef_g14us, Feb 17, 9:47 am

I never thought about letting it defrost to room temp first.

Im the cheese eater in our house. Always buy kilo blocks too.

I figured it wont be long now that prices will have to start increasing, with the droughts etc.
Only take sa few ticks to go through the kitchen whizz.

Chef_popeye333, Feb 17, 8:43 pm

Thank you everybody for all your helpful suggestions, I really appreciate it. I think I will try thawing it at room temperature as g14us suggests before it goes in the fridge. I don't eat much cheese so would get through a one kilo block very slowly, it would definitely be mouldy before I finished it.

Chef_rebecca18, Feb 17, 11:21 pm

I could help you eat it. :-)

Chef_books4nz, Feb 17, 11:29 pm

Tasty cheese only crumbles when it is sliced cold. Leave it to get to room temperature and is slices like slightly firm butter - smooth and thin. It tastes much better at room temperature as well.

Beaker I like your idea of crumbling the frozen grated cheese. I must remember that one.

Chef_buzzy110, Feb 18, 12:45 am

I have some I froze because it was going mouldy. I have only used it for grating while frozen, it is crumbly but that's ok as I'm cooking with it. I couldn't bring myself to throw it out and have been pleased I didn't.

Chef_pamellie, Feb 18, 2:32 am

A good tasty or vintage cheddar, such as Talbot Forest Vintage Reserve or Barry's Bay's Cheshire should be crumbly when cut and of course, all cheese should be eaten at room temperature.

The bulk tasty cheese available in the supermarket is tastier than other varieties but is not a patch on a proper tasty cheese.

Chef_kay141, Feb 18, 2:51 am

Not my idea unfortunately its an old trick of commercial kitchens which I first came across 40 yrs ago at a Pizza base factory. Incredibly economical and efficient way of using tasty cheese. Sprinkle some on a tomato sandwich mmmmmmmmmm.

Chef_beaker59, Feb 18, 3:24 am

You're the man. Thanks for sharing the idea anyway, even if it isn't yours. Just an aside. Can you tell me, please, how you prepare your salmon for smoking - i.e. in brine or just salting? Any other flavouring?

Chef_buzzy110, Feb 18, 3:55 am

Who cares? I am sure that we are discussing 1kg blocks here. To the best of my knowledge, I have never come across anything other than big factory made cheese that comes out in 1kg and 500gr blocks.

When the discussion is about boutique made cheese then you can have the floor. I suppose, when you say you eat more cheese than you realise, that you are not eating cheese made by our large dairy companies but are spending your money on expensive, boutique cheeses. Lucky you. As for myself, I am happy with Mainland or Anchor blocks for every day use.

Chef_buzzy110, Feb 18, 4:00 am

How do you know what cheese I eat? I use Mainland Tasty for every day eating and cooking but I will have about 5 different cheeses in the fridge at one time. Sometimes, when possible, I will get 1K blocks of Talbot Forest on special online or other varieties on special at Moore Wilsons.

I also buy Mainland tasty on special and usually have several 1K blocks in the fridge. It improves with age and becomes tastier and crumblier.

Dairyworkx Extra Tasty is very good, available at the supermarket but not in large blocks.

Chef_kay141, Feb 18, 4:09 am

Good for you. I didn't know but I do now. Or rather I would if I could bring myself to care. I surmised that seeing as you knew absolutely everything there was to know about cheddar that you only ate the very best and was unaware that ordinary tasty cheddar that the rest of us plebs buy is not crumbly when brought to room temperature before slicing.

Chef_buzzy110, Feb 18, 4:30 am

I almost never smoke salmon though usually with trout I mix salt and honey as my cure.

Chef_beaker59, Feb 18, 4:47 am

Thanks beaker. Davidt4 gave me a great cure but I was looking for a salt only cure - i.e. amount and length of time curing, etc, plus temperature of fish when it is time to take it from the smoker.

Chef_buzzy110, Feb 18, 5:13 am

That varies on smoker and result desired I always cure overnight. I smoke for an hour aprox and I wouldn't have a clue as to temp but it just cooks the fish and doesn't quite cook bacon slabs if that's a help. My technique however with my kettle BBQ is a bit unique and very tried and tested to the point where I can load the exact amount of fuel to get my product smoked to perfection without checking and come back hours later to cooled and set product. Just chopped down another section of my plum tree so have wood for my smoker for around 4 to 5 yrs packed away in sacks under the house :)

Chef_beaker59, Feb 18, 6:10 am

You can disagree with me as you are entitled but I considered the personal remarks snide and unwarranted. If any tasty is aged properly, it should be crumbly which is why I keep several blocks in the fridge. Mainland have a habit of releasing it too soon. There was a thread about it several years ago where Mainland admitted the fault and sent vouchers to those who complained. It happens quite often. I freeze it if I grate it or if I have a block open and am going to be away from home for a time. Otherwise it keeps well in the original wrapping.
And I don't know everything about cheese but I do like to know where my food comes from and whether it is value for money.

Chef_kay141, Feb 18, 6:41 am

Thank you kay141 for your suggestions and comments : ^)

Chef_rebecca18, Feb 18, 11:16 pm