Feijoa Crumble

ridgeline, Apr 23, 4:56am

Does some-one have a good Feijoa Crumble recipe they would like to share.


awoftam, Apr 23, 5:25am
This is one I have used in the past - you can easily change it to suit your own needs i.e. make it sugar free etc.

awoftam, Apr 23, 5:25am

snapperheadrkp, Apr 26, 7:59pm
Try this:-.
(Chris boarded with us about 45 years ago and used to make this simple Crumble.We have never found another crumble topping that is any better)
1 Cup Flour
1/3 Cup of Sugar
90 gms Butter (I use Marg if no Butter)
1 large Cup of Cornflakes
Rub all above together (crushing the Cornflakes)
Sprinkle the topping over hot stewed fruit (e.g. apples, peaches feijoas, kiwifruit, tamarillos, etc) and cook in oven at approx 170 C for about 20 minutes.

village.green, Apr 26, 11:21pm
That sounds great snapperhead - I love to try new easy recipes, we collected about 6-7kg of massive feijoas from my inlaws tree last night so we'll be swimming in them for the next few days and we love crumble here.

bisloy, Sep 10, 2:00am
I like more bits in mine - coconut, porridge flakes (not the large oats), brown sugar, flour, butter and sometimes some sesame seeds or chopped nuts. They brown sugar seems to make it more toffee-eey. Oh so yummy.

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