Smoked chicken

sticky232, Oct 23, 5:58am
How long will it keep in fridge still in its original wrapping hasn't been opened thanks

awoftam, Oct 23, 5:58am
Doesn't it have a use by date on it?

illusion_, Oct 23, 9:01am
about 5 minutes in mine

sarahb5, Oct 23, 9:06am
Quite a long time if still sealed but you can freeze it

sticky232, Oct 23, 7:20pm
No cant find a use by date on it

groomingtools, Oct 23, 9:58pm
I freeze mine then always have it on hand. Love it in curries too

fruitbat, Oct 23, 10:04pm
Too many preservatives and nitrates in all that stuff.

kay141, Oct 23, 11:05pm
I buy them regularly in the summer, so handy to have on hand but they always have a use by or best before date on them.

Don't mind the preservatives, they help to keep me young/well preserved.

uli, Oct 24, 12:34am
Must have a "use by" or "best before date" - have another look!

Cannot legally be sold in NZ without - it could be a small print on the side of the packet.

If in doubt freeze it.

uli, Aug 15, 12:59am
Did you find it sticky232 ?

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