Need a savoury cupcake recipe.

cookiebarrel, Oct 4, 5:31am
not a muffin recipe as have heaps of those, but want to make a bacon/ham cupcake and as I am not wanting it too sweet, was wondering if anyone has a recipe? Alternately how can I 'tweak' a basic cupcake recipe by decreasing sugar content or is that even possible? Any ideas welcome.

nauru, Oct 4, 5:58am
You may finds some of interest in the following link. There are plenty to be found if you google.

daarhn, Oct 4, 6:14am
Got me thinking. hmmm. How about a basic clafoutis recipe but like a savoury sponge cupcake style you're after. Adjust the sweet clafoutis ingredients adding the savoury, pre cooked bacon/ham/cheese, chargrilled praprikas, sundried toms, olives, caramelized onions, etc. Perhaps use a cream cheese mix in a piping bag for that cupcake icing swirl affect and maybe decorate using slivers of what ever you used or roasted crushed nuts etc?

Try making it in a dish first to see if to your liking then the fiddly paper cases once you see how it turn out. Good luck and post your result please as interesting the savoury cupcake style

korbo, Oct 4, 8:26pm
I have used my basic muffin recipe, cutting back on sugar, and adding curry powder/caynne as well as onion, ham, cheese, tomato, chives, parsley.
they come out great.
When you ask for a cupcake recipe, are you putting anything on top?

cookiebarrel, Sep 15, 5:00pm
Thanks for your replies. Korbo cutting back on the sugar in a basic cupcake recipe was what I was wondering about. I recall the Pumpkin Loaf recipe on here a couple of years ago and someone made it as cupcakes and reduced the sugar content so I was wondering about a basic recipe doing the same thing! Pumpkin recipe made delicious cupcakes by the way. I want to flavour the cupcakes with maybe bacon stock and add ham or bacon to mix (maybe pineapple as well), ice as a cupcake with a not-sweet icing and make a cracker piggy topper. Just an idea I have been thinking of since a friend's hubby said he would prefer a bacon cupcake to a chocolate one.

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