Need help with vegetarian sugar-free main meals.

caprio1, Feb 25, 3:54am
My friend who hasn't a whole lot of time to cook and is used to using packets of sauces etc needs nourishing vegetarian main meals from scratch. He has recently been diagnosed with high blood sugar levels. Not diabetic but we're finding it really hard to source food in supermarket.

herself, Feb 25, 4:35am
These sites will be of great help with healthy recipes.
I don't see the problem you say there is in sourcing food from the supermarket. Fresh vegetables or frozen are readily available. They take minutes to steam or microwave. If the recipes on these two sites I posted require sauces etc. the ingredients and instructions are included. It doesn't add much time to cooking a meal if you are making the sauce or gravy rather than opening a packet. Besides, what is an extra 10 minutes added to your cooking time if it is going to add an extra 10 years to your life by keeping you diabetes free! Good luck to your friend with changing his eating and cooking habits, no doubt there will be ups and downs but worth it for his good health.

herself, Feb 25, 4:41am
Forgot to say in my previous post, to help the transition to making his own sauces etc. remember that not all bottled and packaged items are bad for you. Check the sugar and fat content and choose the ones that have the least of those things in them.

caprio1, Feb 25, 8:58am
Thanks for the websites herself. They're really useful.

The problem we are having is mainly with the protein as he doesn't eat much cheese nor will he eat tinned beans etc. and he's getting tired of eggs, nor does he want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen when he gets home from work. All suggestions greatly appreciated.

cgvl, Feb 25, 9:14am
I make a bean meatball. It uses a tin of Cannelloni (sp) beans, a pkt of brazil nuts, bread, herbs and an egg, as well I think some cheese. I will need to look it up but it is a Sarah Brown's recipe that I have adapted, hers uses black beans. I make these and have with a dipping sauce or done on BBQ with salad or veg. makes enough to feed four people. Will look up the recipe tomorrow and post correct amounts for you.

frances1266, Feb 25, 6:54pm
Wouldnt worry too much about protein. You get protein in most things. Think it is spinach that is higher in protein than beef. Our problem today is too much protein especially animal protein. You could check out macro bowls especially the vegan ones, they are quick, easy and usually have delicious sauces with them. He could use stevia instead of sugar.

caprio1, Feb 25, 7:53pm
My friend needs his protein as he has a physical job. Also he doesn't like stevia. Can diabetics eat stevia and sugar substitutes just out of curiosity. I thought it would all be treated as sugar by the body.

mjhdeal, Feb 25, 8:13pm
How about Gado-gado. You can use a combination of cooked, or cooked and raw vegetables, and pour a warmed gado-gado sauce over the top. The sauce has nuts in it, which have protein. Traditionally topped with a boiled egg too, if he eats those.

I made one on the weekend, and it was ****spectacular****. The sauce could make soggy cardboard taste great. The sauce can be prepared in advance, in a large quantity, so as to do several meals. Ditto with the boiled eggs and vegetables, or use frozen/microwave vege mix.

cgvl, Feb 25, 10:04pm
yes you can use sugar substitutes but not everyone does. For me they leave a foul after taste which can take up to 24 hours to go away.
I slowly cut most added sugar from my diet. I no longer drink tea or coffee with sugar, have halved the amounts of sugar in foods I make.
Your friend should have been given an appointment to see a diabetic dietician but if they haven't the diabetic website has heaps of info and some recipes.
In general you need to learn to read labels, yes it adds time to a shop but it helps. Ideals are sugar less than 15g per 100g, fat is 10g per 100g and fibre greater than 4g per 100g, Be careful with some diet products as they can be high in sugar. This info has come from a diabetic pamphlet.

caprio1, Feb 25, 11:38pm
Thank you cgvl. This is a learning curve for me too.

cgvl, Feb 26, 4:26am
caprio1 for a fizzy fix I use soda water or I have a soda stream and we just fizz tap water in it. If friend has been a fizz drinker ie things like 'V' or coke it will take a while to kick the habit.
Also, and I'm bad at this, try not to skip meals, as it tends to have the effect of one eating the wrong things because of either hunger or feeling headachy/light headed.
We keep a pack of boiled sweets (glucose lollies) in the car, for when travelling, or those sours are nice too. There is a diabetic baking thread on here but it doesn't have meatless meals in it. Will go find that recipe for you.

mjhdeal, Mar 24, 9:21pm
The vegetarian thread seems to have slipped away into the distant past. but I found this great link to how to make a great vegetarian/vegan salad.

Lots of great ideas. I'm gonna make the broccoli hummus, and also am now sprouting some sunflower seeds to make a pate for raw nori bites.

hd07, Mar 24, 11:30pm
Vegie stir fry is a quick, easy meal. He could add some marinated tofu to add protein. Chickpeas are another good way to add protein - vegetarian curry with chickpeas is yum or falafel patties. He could make vegie patties and add silverbeet/spinach. Maybe he could gets some nuts to snack on during the day.

There are plenty of options that don't require packets or added sugar. For instance for vegetarian curry Google thai green curry and it isn't difficult to whip up your own paste. For a more Indian flavour use curry powder, garam masala, turmeric etc.

frances1266, Mar 25, 2:30am
I will bum[ up the vegetarian thread, some great recipes there.

xrh8188, Nov 25, 3:48pm