Mini Christmas cakes / muffins

rebert62, Nov 26, 4:52pm
Does anyone have a nice recipe for mini Christmas cakes / muffins done in the large paper muffin cases. I would like to make them now so they would need to keep well and not go stale before Christmas. I would like to decorate them nicely with white icing so they look like mini Christmas cakes and give them as gifts.

fifie, Nov 26, 8:47pm
I make mini cakes in large texas muffin tins around first week dec Just use my normal xmas cake recipe halved i line tins with baking paper and cook them in middle of oven sitting on a old magazine so bottom dosent burn about 130c in my oven till cooked. When done i put a trickle of booze over hot cakes leave them in the tins and wrap hot in a large clean towel sit in pantry till i ice a week before xmas. Un wrap once a week and put a little tipple more booze on top and re wrap, this keeps them nice and moist. lovely iced and wrapped in clear cellophane tied with a twirly ribbon for gifts.

rebert62, Nov 28, 8:49am
This sounds good, tried and true. Thank you fifie

purdie69, Nov 29, 6:50am
I use mini springform pans and the recipe from NZ House and Garden specifically for mini Christmas cakes

nauru, Nov 29, 7:03am
Would you post the recipe pls?

calista, May 18, 5:13pm
Does anyone have this recipe please?

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