Homemade baking hamper Christmas Present

huia991, Dec 9, 6:25pm
Last year instead of buying presents, I made up a hamper of home baking to give as my presents. (They ended up being packed into decorated banana boxes)
I'm looking to do the same this year, but would like to consider a variety of items. Each hamper last year had a bacon and egg slab, a chocolate cake, shortbread, chocolate chip biscuits, and an assortment of slices and truffles.
I assembled only shortly before people arrived, mindful of the need to keep the slab refrigerated.
this year I won't be able to do the bacon and egg slab.
Are there any ideas of things that you would put into the hampers - I'd like to have some variety. Things that I can make fairly well in advance would be good to help with the Chistmas Eve baking rush.

Recipes too would be gratefully received.


chatsmom, Dec 9, 8:08pm
How about cheese straws or oat crackers?

lilyfield, Dec 9, 8:17pm
What about a hamper of the ingredients and recipes

I would love that, always running out of the right stuff to put into my baking.

camper18, Dec 10, 2:55am
How about adding some jars of lemon honey and strawberry jam or other such preserves. Used to do this years ago for my grandparents and they loved it.

nauru, Dec 10, 7:01am
I'm doing some with Chutneys/relish, homemade lavosh , pita crisps and cheese, may also add some fruit paste. A special one for my neighbour will have a mini Christmas cake, mince pies, mini Christmas puds, shortbread and a box of home made chocolates. Homemade jams and box of homemade chocolates. Small presents for others will be bag of homemade cookies and a box of homemade chocolates. Nice bottles of wine with a gift tag and ribbons. Baking made and in the freezer, chutneys & jams made all ready for packaging a few days before Christmas. At the moment, I'm busy making the chocolates and boxes to put them in and making all the gift cards and wine tags.

sampa, Dec 10, 8:24am
That's a great idea, maybe a bit of both. a couple of already made items and nicely presented recipes suggesting uses for other items included? Possibly best if some of the ingredient items are also stand alone eating items just in case the recipient is a non baker/cook but. what a lovely gift. Versatile on all levels. :)

happymullen, Dec 12, 6:04am
I found a recipe for sand art brownies in the Bite Recipe section of the herald NZ. It is based on the idea of a jar of ingredients required to bake a batch. It looked great and could be added to the basket for a later treat.

duckmoon, Dec 13, 3:27am
I would be aiming for things which didn't need to be eaten immediately/within a few days.

so things like shortbread and fudge

and not things like cake or b&e pie

wasgonna, Apr 20, 2:01am
Sausage rolls are necessary 365 days a year with double amounts around Christmas.

You may not know this, but the forth wise man brought sausage rolls . true.

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