Best recipe for Caramel Mud cake

bev00, Jan 9, 1:01pm
Aus womens weekly has a recipe

bev00 (1765 1765 positive feedback) 9:45 pm, Thu 9 Jan #3

suzanne39, Jan 17, 7:39pm
Id like one a bit bigger if anyone knows one please, its to be iced for a birthday cake.

elsielaurie1, Jan 17, 7:56pm
Make 2 of the above .

luvmykicks, Jan 17, 8:21pm
Make two cakes and stack them?

tomodew, Jan 18, 6:38am
double recipe into bigger tin?

suzanne39, Jan 16, 4:41am
please, quite a decent sized one, thanks :) Does anyone have a tried and tested one?

245sam, May 15, 11:17am
From the former Trademe Cooks.

"Caramel Mudcake
Best served warm with white chocolate Sauce. 185g butter, 150g white chocolate chunks, 1 c brown sugar firmly packed, 1/3 c golden syrup, 1 c milk, 1&1/2 c Plain flour, 1/2 c SR flour, 2 eggs lightly beaten. In pot put in butter, chocolate, sugar, syrup & milk. Stir over low heat until all melted & dissolved. Cool for 15 mins. Whisk in flours & eggs. Pour into 20cm baking paper lined tin. Bake 160*C for 1 hour. 1/2 way thru cooking, cover cake with tin foil (stops the top browning). Stand 30mins in tin before turning out onto cake rack. White choc Sauce or Icing: 250g white chocolate, 1/3 cup thickened cream. YUMMY! Do Not overcook!
posted by campmum"

Hope that helps. :-))

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