Fondant Question, can I use normal food colouring

mattdylan, Sep 17, 1:27am
to colour fondant for a cake? I think i recall someone saying only use the gel colouring? thanks

nauru, Sep 17, 2:15am
yes, use the gel.

mattdylan, Sep 17, 2:59am
why? thanks

kiwitrish, Sep 17, 3:15am
When you mean normal food colouring do you mean the liquid that you buy from the supermarkets? If so this will not work as there is too much liquid and it will ruin the fondant and it is also not strong enough to colour.

katalin2, Sep 18, 6:14am
I have am currently attending cake decorating classes, and you can actually use ordinary liquid food colouring for colouring fondant , you just get a more intense colour with the gels. I have use the liquid successfully several times.

rchelley, Oct 16, 4:05pm
I always use liquid. Just use extra icing sugar when kneading the colour in to allow for it. The colours come out just fine, perhaps not as good as gel however.

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