Freezing Fresh Corn On The Cob

freesia, Jan 21, 7:11pm
Have picked the corn. Can I just stick it in the freezer as is. ie with the leaves and everything attached?

joybells2, Jan 21, 7:22pm
Some people do, I always remove, wash and break in half and bag for freezer

freesia, Jan 21, 7:29pm
Thanks Joybells.

nauru, Jan 22, 7:31am
I usually remove some (not all) of the husk, leave a couple of layers, trim, bag and freeze.

lilyfield, Jan 22, 7:34am
like this--ditto

lythande1, Jan 22, 6:04pm
better to blanch it, it's texture and flavour will be better long term.

nauru, Apr 29, 1:18am
I have never blanched it and find that the texture and flavour are not compromised at all. There again I never have them in the freezer for a long time.

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