Help! Is Watties bit on the side sweet chilli

nowsgood, May 1, 4:09am
sauce ok to use if its been in the fridge for about a year? I can't find a use by date onit.

aphra1, May 1, 4:30am
Taste it.

kiwigoldie, May 1, 4:31am
taste it and see how it tastes... i have to be honest and say I would probably use it if it tasted fine... i wouldnt serve it to children or people with lowered immune systems just in case but highly likely it would be fine especially for all of us with cast iron guts... . IMO only...

soundie1, May 1, 4:36am
Hi there I dunno if I would use it sweet chilli sauce tends to have a lot of sugar in it and I would hazard a guess that the sugar will have separated from the sauce by now

nowsgood, May 1, 4:36am
Thanks, I've decided to toss it.

stasi21, Mar 21, 11:07am
its weird, those watties bit on the side sauces have no BB date on them I had 3 bottles live in the fridge for about a year before i threw them out.
i thought it would be illegal for them not to have BB dates

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