Pumpkin dish ideas

cassie24, May 15, 2:53am
I'm not a big fan of pumpkin but would like ideas of how or what I can add too it so I can start having it. Due to my strict diet at moment can only add herbs and spices. Any ideas and best type to use.

petal1955, May 15, 3:10am
Cook in the microwave then mash and add some nutmeg and pepper and salt . yummo !

cassie24, May 15, 7:10am
OK will try it. How long does it take in microwave and what sort is best?

rainrain1, May 15, 7:21am
Boil it up and eat it, I love it boiled, salt and white pepper. yumeeeeeee!
Grey skin pumpkin is the only way to go

nauru, May 15, 7:41am
It's great added to hummus, I make a batch every few days. Use it in quiches, on pizza and it makes a good curry too. I put cut up pumpkin in the MW as it is (skin on) and bake for 5 mins. You can then scrape the flesh off the skin and mash with S&P & nutmeg/cumin or serve as is.

sarahb5, May 15, 10:04am
Chinese 5 spice is delicious either with mashed or roasted pumpkin

beaker59, May 15, 11:38am
I am a big roast pumpkin fan, to eat as is, but also makes for better soup if you roast it first.

barbiedoll, May 19, 8:26am
If you roast pumpkin for soup, do you cook up onion in water or stock?

blueviking, May 21, 8:49pm
Put it in your mashed potato 2/3 potato and 1/3 pumpkin. I've got my son and his girlfriend eating pumpkin that way. Or are you on that no carb diet, then you could mash it with some Kumara. Roasted is the best though.

cgvl, May 21, 9:26pm
I make pumpkin lasagna
soup with garlic in it
roast or boiled or steamed
nice with nutmeg added

rainrain1, May 21, 9:56pm
layer some in with your potato bake

fifie, May 22, 1:40am
Whole grey pumpkins make beaut roasted pumpkin soup for the freezer. Have a big brew on today. My version.
Zap whole pumpkin 12-15 mins, leave to cool a bit then its easy to cut and deseed. Cut into chunks roast with 2-3 onions cut into chunks and plenty of garlic till going soft and starting to caramalise.
When cool cut skin off pumpkin and throw in slow cooker, add 6 slices bacon chopped rind off, teasp curry powder, s/p barely cover with chicken stock cook all day puree with stick blender then into tubs and freeze.
Serve with dollop sour cream and chopped chives with warm crusty bread.

cary14, May 22, 7:16am
A favourite in our family.
Peel pumpkin and chop into chunks the size of an av plum. Place in oven proof dish and sprinkle with a couple teaspoons brown sugar, salt .pepper, and pour over cream until it justs shows through.Sprinkle with cinnamon and bake 150 for about 1/2 - 3/4 hour. Beautiful with any meat and veg.

sarahb5, May 22, 9:20am
I halve the onion (don't bother to peel it) and sprinkle with cumin, coriander, 5 spice, chilli - whatever you like - a little oil to stop it burning and roast until they're soft. Remove the skin, purée and add chicken or vegetable stock until it's as thick or thin as you want. Can also roast a chilli or two and purée those as well if you like it spicy

beaker59, May 23, 3:44am
You can roast the onion along with the pumpkin pieces as Sarah describes above (looks nice) or just finely chop and sauté in some butter before making the soup. I like to cook slow in butter for quite some time until it caramelizes well then add the peeled roast pumpkin and veg stock (or water or milk). Season well and you have a nice plain soup or add herbs and spices at onion stage to give the desired flavor profile. I use lots of garlic some fresh garden herbs like rosemary thyme and bay and some spices.

samanya, May 23, 4:54am
Will give your version a go, thanks.:o)
I do something similar & it's lovely.
I've been making it for quite a while & I think it originally was one of Alison Holst's recipes (bless her).
Cut pumpkin into smallish chunks, put in a microwave proof dish & sprinkle some corn flour (amount depends on how much pumpkin) I use about 3/4 tspn for a one person serving. Dot with a little butter & some cream, or trim milk if you are fat conscious, & pop into microwave for appropriate time suitable to the quantity of pumpkin . can give it a stir half way through if it's a larger amount & when done sprinkle with loads of fresh parsley.
Sorry it's a bit 'fluy by the seat of your pants' type instructions, but it's very good & non pumpkin fans seem to like it.

retired, May 25, 5:57am
My family like mashed pumpkin, sprinkle in chicken stock and plenty of grated cheese. Put in dish, top with a sprinkle of paprika. Can put more cheese on and Into oven or microwave.

fefeoc, May 25, 8:53am
This soup is a favourite - another goodie from Alison Holst.

Chop up 1/4 of a grey-skinned pumpkin into cubes roughly 1 cm square.
Brown a couple of chopped cloves of garlic, then add 2 tsp green curry paste, 2 tsp cumin and a tsp of ground coriander. Cook till spices are fragrant then chuck in the pumpkin and a cup of water and cook till pumpkin is soft. Blend it or process it till smooth, add more water and 1/2 tsp of salt till it is as runny and soupy as you like it. Serve with a pour of coconut cream and a good sprinkle of fresh coriander on top. We had this for dinner tonight and it is lovely.

roshu, Jul 7, 2:51am
I find the microwave improves the flavour of even an early season pumpkin. I don't know why it works, but it does. I do a large number of pieces (enough to fill my biggest Pyrex) Sprinkle the pieces with water then sprinkle with dried mixed herbs and dried onion. Put on the lid and microwave for about 6 minutes. Place the pieces into a baking dish lined with baking paper. Spray/drizzle with a good olive oil and a little salt or herb salt and bake in the oven till tender. I then keep the extra pieces in the fridge for another meal or process for soup.

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