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paora-tm, Jan 22, 3:48am
I keep forgetting to make a note of the brands I like. I have Homebrand Tasty at the moment - not sure I like it all that much - it tastes like tainted cheddar. The one prior to that was just right but I have forgotten what it was - very tasty with a crumbly texture. Any recommendations for supermarket packaged brands?

dibble35, Jan 22, 3:56am
My dad eats tasty all the time. he will only buy the mainland brand but he reckons even that isn't tasting as good anymore.

hutchk, Jan 22, 3:59am
Your Dad is a man of great taste. I second Mainland - sharp and crumbly, just the way it should be - none of this rubbery junk getting passed off a tasty by just about every other big cheesemaker in NZ.

paora-tm, Jan 22, 4:02am
Yeah, that's it! So disappointing. Maybe TV3's Target (are they coming back?) could do a Tasty Cheese survey instead of giving us a weekly soft porn tradesman show.

kay141, Jan 22, 4:17am
Mainland tasty can vary. Sometimes they release it too soon. I complained about the Vintage cheese once, tasted like mild. They apologised and sent a voucher. The best I have had lately is a newish brand. I can't remember the name but it comes in small pieces and slices. There is an extra tasty in this range which was good. Fairly expensive,though.

ruby19, Jan 22, 4:55am
Mainland tasty here others aren't great.

lodgelocum, Jan 22, 4:57am
Mainland as well, others are too rubbery.

willman, Jan 22, 5:19am
I like Mainland, as well. tastes better than the others.

davidt4, Jan 22, 5:19am
Barrys' Bay, Whitestone, Kapiti.

kiaora4, Jan 22, 5:44am
Mainland all the way, tasty cheese should flake not like
the plasticky type cheap ones, MAINLAND is the best!

angel404, Jan 22, 5:52am
Im in Australia and all their cheese tastes rubbery. Kinda like its been left out of the fridge for too long? Some supermarkets stock mainland colby so when i can i buy that as its WAY better than aussie cheese.

keeny, Jan 22, 6:12am
Will only buy Mainland Tasty. Good old pong when first opened - lovely and crumbly with a bite. HATE rubbery cheese.

oakcottage, Jan 22, 6:30am
Only buy Mainland. Nothing else has any taste.

andy3101, Jan 22, 6:31am

kay141, Jan 22, 6:37am
Interesting, as my last Mainland Tasty was rubbery and had very little flavour. I do find it so unreliable but when it is good, it is very,very good.

bunny51, Jan 22, 6:40am
I don't think tasty is as tasty as it used to be. But mainland is the brand we usually buy

esther-anne, Jan 22, 6:41am
I agree with Whitestone and Kapiti davidt4.

Unfortunately my budget doesn't stretch far often so it's usually Mainland Vintage for me. Or just Mainland.

daarhn, Jan 22, 7:01am
I'm a fromage snob! It's considered a treat along with the very best wines I can afford to match. Gone are the days of eating poor peoples rubbish that is homebranded, I do without until cheese time kicks in. I pity those poor buggers over in the states with their state sanctioned cheese they get. the colour taste and smell is truly Disgusting!
When traveling in Aussie, I have my boutique cheese mongers I stock up on. I'm yet to find something of equivalant here in Aucks. suggestions?

daarhn, Jan 22, 7:07am

nzdoug, Jan 22, 7:28am
Mercer Cheese

lindylambchops1, Jan 22, 8:16am
If you live in Canterbury or North Canterbury try Karikaas, they have a great shop & you can have it cut to your liking size wise and they even let you taste it!

Beats any other block cheese purchased in the super market.


sticky232, Jan 22, 8:23am
Rolling Meadows And Valumetric Tasty whatever is on special

daarhn, Jan 22, 8:50am

cuteviolet, Jan 22, 9:21am
If you can afford it, buy the cheapest 1kg of cheese (mild,colby,edam etc) and put in the back of the fridge for a few months (up to a year, unwrapped, of course) and you will find the cheaper cheese turns into a lovely tasty cheese! Just buy one to eat now and another to store away. (From a cheese-maker's daughter.)

psychicxpress, Jan 22, 9:23am
If only they would last that long in my house. but what a lovely idea!

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